4kw Edible Ice Ball Machine / Crystal Pure Ice Spheres For Drinks

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangzhou,China
Brand Name: CBFI
Certification: CE, ISO9001
Model Number: CBM
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: $100,000
Packaging Details: International Standard Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 30 days after payment
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 30 days after payment
Detail Information
Machine Name: Ball Ice Machine Size Of Machine: 1280*1020*2050mm
Weight: 600kg Total Power: 4kw
Power Supply: 220V/50Hz/1P Working Pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa
Diameter Of Ice Ball: Φ35mm/ Φ55mm / Φ60mm/ Φ80mm Output: 2880 Units/ Day
Supporting Equipment: Ice Carving Machine, Pure Ice Machine
High Light:

spherical ice ball maker


round ball ice cube maker

Product Description

CBFI New Products 100% Transparent High-end Edible Ball Ice Machine



Steps of making ball ice
First, make the crystal pure ice block by pure ice block making machine,
Second, cut the surface of the pure block ice to make it smooth,
Third, cut the block ice into pieces of ball ice
Basic Information




  • Ice block is in crystal pure performance completely.
  • Thanks to high technology, the freezing time is short, only 7 hours. No need to add 2nd time water.
  • Indirect freezing method, make the ice pure completely without bubble and hole. 
  • Ice block is finished with individual transparent plastic bag, keep it sanity without polution.


Model No. Ice Block Size Power Voltage Freezing Efficiency Machine Size
(same machine)
480* 270* 60mm 2.1kw 220V 50Hz
1 phase
4 ice blocks/ 7 hrs 1920mm*960mm*1750mm
480*270*90mm 4 ice blocks/ 11 hrs




  • After the pure ice block finish, there one side surface a little unsmooth, pure ice cutting machine is to make it smooth surface, also make the ball ice finished perfectly.


Model No. Finished Size Power Voltage Cutting Surface Size Machine Size
(same machine)
480* 270* 55mm 2.1kw 220V 50Hz
1 phase
5mm 960mmx1500mmx600mm
480* 270* 80mm 10mm





  • 100% round shape with smooth appearance.
  • Crystal and transparent
  • One hour could finish 150 units ice ball.
  • Ice cutting knife is used with food grade material.


Model No. Ice ball size Power Voltage Efficiency Machine Dimension
CBM-55A φ 55mm 4 KW 220V 50Hz 2880 units/ day 1280mm*1020mm*2050mm
CBM-80A φ 80mm
How to select the ball ice capacity:
Ball Ice Daily Output
Transparent Block Ice Machine Quantity
Ice Scapple Machine Quantity
Ball Ice Carve Machine Quantity
240 1 1 1
480 2 1 1
720 3 1 1
960 4 1 1
1200 5 1 1
1440 6 1 1
1680 7 1 1
1920 8 1 1
2160 9 1 1
2400 10 1 1
2640 11 1 1
2880 12 1 1
3120 13 1 2
3360 14 1 2
3600 15 1 2
3840 16 1 2
4080 17 1 2
4320 18 1 2
4560 19 1 2
4800 20 1 2
Advantages of CBFI ball ice machine
1. with high mass production efficiency to decrease labor cost, average one ice ball cost is only 0.04USD
2. Ensure each unit in same size and 100% smooth appearance and round shape
3. Food grade ice cutting knife working in high speed automatically
3. After sales one months, you will get back the machine cost. Because according to our customer's feedback, they sell 1.6USD/ ice ball. They earn 1 USD/unit, if one day they sell 2880 units, then only 7 days will get back the machine cost.


4kw Edible Ice Ball Machine / Crystal Pure Ice Spheres For Drinks 04kw Edible Ice Ball Machine / Crystal Pure Ice Spheres For Drinks 1


4kw Edible Ice Ball Machine / Crystal Pure Ice Spheres For Drinks 24kw Edible Ice Ball Machine / Crystal Pure Ice Spheres For Drinks 3





1. How to make the ice ball/sphere? How many steps and machine I need?
There are total three key machines
1.1 Transparent ice block machine
1.2 Ice block surface smoothing machine
1.3 Ice ball carving machine

2. Do you do some promotion before what is the feedback?
Yes, sure. We exhibit this machine during International Wine Exhibition, Canton Fair, International Hotel Appliance exhibition.
This machine and the ice ball are very attractive to a lot of customers.

3. How many ice ball/sphere could be cut by the machine per hour?
2~2.5 units per hour, 2880 pcs per day. Efficiency is very fast.

4. What is the size of pure ice bar block?
260*480*60mm (ice sphere diameter φ55mm) or 260*480*90mm (ice sphere diameter φ80mm)
Due to your workers are professional enough, so the 260*480*60mm pure block ice can be cut into 24 pieces of 55mm ball ice,the 260*480*90mm pure block ice can be cut into 14 pieces of 80mm ball ice.
As I know Mark you will buy φ55mm ice ball machine, and you have your own transparent ice block, so when you carve the ice ball, you could use the ice block with size is 260*480*60mm.



Contact Details
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