Full Automatic Ice Cube Maker Machine Cube Ice Maker High Power Consumption

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CBFI
Certification: CE, ISO, SGS, SONCAP, BV
Model Number: CV3000
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD 1 - 100000 per set
Packaging Details: 1. Standard wooden case. 2. Completely ice machine contain: ice machine, cooling tower, water pump, water pipes and water pipe fittings. 3. Machine come into use, customer only need prepare power for the machine. 4. All required components for install t
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 50 sets per month
Detail Information
Cube Ice Size: 22mm*22mm*22mm / 29mm*29mm*22mm Refrigerant: R22/ R404a
Material: Stainless Steel 304 Expansion Valve: Danfoss
Evaporator: CBFI
High Light:

Ice Cube Making Machine


Ice Cube Maker Machine

Product Description

           CBFI Cube Ice Maker China 


CVSeries Icesource ice cube machine capacity per day

Ice source ice cube machine capacity have 1ton(1000kg) to 20tons(20000kg) ,optional ice capacity:1ton,2ton,3ton,5ton,8ton,10ton,15ton,20ton

We provide two different kinds of ice moulds,optional ice size:22mm*22mm*22mm,29mm*29mm*22mm



CV Series Large Ice Cube Maker Machine models for your reference



Item No. Production


Rated Power

Circulating Water Pump Power Cooling Water Pump Power Cooling Fan Power



Weight of Machine
  Ton/24H KW KW KW KW L*W*H KG
CV1000 1.0 3.69 0.37 1.5 0.37 1200*1000*1600 800
CV2000 2.0 7.11 0.37 1.5 0.55 1630*1600*1686 1000
CV3000 3.0 9.68 0.37 2.2 0.75 1980*1630*1840 1200
CV5000 5.0 17.47 0.55 2.2 1.5 2890*1780*1840 1600
CV8000 8.0 28.52 1.1 4 1.5 4820*1780*2000 2500
CV10000 10.0 37.68 1.1 4 1.5 5730*1780*2000 3000
CV15000 15.0 52.41 1.65 5.5 2.2 8620*1780*2000 4500
CV20000 20.0 75.36 2.2 8 3 11460*1780*2100




1.The above information is according to adopt water cooled condenser.

2.Size of machine is before installation.

3.It didn’t mention size of cooling tower, cooling tower usually install in the outside.

4.The full ice cube machine include ice machine,water pump and cooling tower.



CV Series Ice source ice cube machine working condition

Water temperature 23°C, evaporate temperature -12°C,condensing temperature 40°C, reference valve under 50Hz/60Hz power condition.

Real production of machine will have a little change according to change of water temperature and ambient temperature.


CV Series Large Ice Cube Machine Features


  • High Technology:Our cube ice maker machine has been adopted four leading technologies: automatically adjust ice thickness, automatically match the change of ambient temperature, automatically supply ice making water and facilitate condensing pressure steady. With the full automatic production process, our cube ice maker machine can produce ice cube with nice appearance and adjustable thickness.Our cube ice maker machine has been reasonably adopted our two patent technologies: flat plate exchange heat technology and circulating heat dropping ice technology, which are the breakthrough technologies to solve the problems of low production,save power consumption and dropping ice instability.
  • High Production Capability:The design is according to the harsh outdoor enviroment to ensure the production rate, the production can reach 90% to 95% in summer. When the environment temperature is below 23°C, the production of our cube ice maker machine can reach 100% to 130%.
  • Low Power Consumption: We adopt first-class compressor and refrigeration originals and adopt sophisticated detailed design to ensure the products reach first-class energy saving and environment protective standard. In summer,The power consumption of our cube ice maker machine only reaches about 85KW.H for producing 1 ton ice cube. When the environment temperature is below 23°C, the power consumption of our cube ice maker machine is from 70KW.H to 80KW.H when producing 1ton ice.
  • Easy Operation: We adopted the PLC program centralized control, one-key operation to star or stop the machine, self-adjustment for ice thickness, self-adaptation for ambient temperature and balance between automatic ice forming and water supply. Manual operation is not required. Our cube ice maker machine is easy to operate.
  • Optional Equipment:Our cube ice maker machine can be equipped with automatic ice spreading system and special ice packing system. The cube ice maker machine not only can reduce manpower, but also can ensure the food security, meet the food standard and improve the production capability.
  • Compact Structure:The integrated design is adopted in our cube ice maker machine with the outstanding feature of saving space.
  • Convenient to install:For water cooled system: just need assemble the cooling tower,connect the water pipes between the ice cube machine and cooling tower and supply the power and water to the machine as our installation manual required.

    For air cooled system: the air cooled condenser is with the machine in one whole unit, we already did the connection in our factory, so customer just need supply the power and water to the machine as the installation manual required.

  • Ice source large ice cube machine is the first type of cube ice machine adopted four leading technologies:automaticlly adjust ice thickness,automatically match the change of ambient temperature,automatically supply ice making water and facilitated condensing pressure steady system. The producing process is full automatically,produce ice with very nice look,without thickness difference. Reasonably adopt two patent technologies flat plate exchange heat technology and circulating hot gas collecting ice technology,this breakthrough technology to solve low production,high power consumption and ice shedding not steady problems. It provide full technology guarantee for our goods sell all over the world.


    Ice source cube ice machines are widely used in hotels,restaurants,bars,fast-food shops,supermarkets and cold drink shops, etc. Icecource ice machine are highly efficient,energy saving,safe and environmentally friendly andd quickly becoming the most popular choice for clients around the world.






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