60 Tons Per Day Block Ice Machine Plant, Malaysia

December 31, 2021

60 Tons Per Day Block Ice Machine Plant, Malaysia

Project Mainly Involve Products

Block Ice Machine System

The production of the system is 60 tons 24 hrs block ice plant. There is only one set of refrigeration unit. The refrigeration components are all world famous brand, such as Danfoss, Siemens, Bitzer and etc.. There are two ice making pools using coil pipe evaporators. Big power agitators are used to speed up the flow of salt water in the pools.

Crane System & Ice Pushing System


Ice collecting is using crane system. The crane system is very easy to use, only one worker is needed.

Ice pushing system is designed to shorten the ice collecting time. The ice pushing system is able to push the row of ice molds in the pool. So the crane moves for a very short distance to fetch the ice molds. The time is saved greatly.





Customer Type

End User


Customer Demand

Customer is the big ice saler in the area. He sales the block ice to the markets, seaport, and any other places that need ice. He needs to increase the ice production from block ice plant.




Why Choose Us


The solution we provided helps our customer in many ways. As a turn-key solution, the whole system is built by us, including the crane system. There is no worries for customer after the cooperation. The production of the system is ensured, our experienced engineers stayed in the plant to adjust the system to the best condition.

Ice Factory Location

Next to one of the markets.


Block Ice Application

Block ice produced by block ice machine is generally used in industrial cooling, long-distance fishing, vegetable distribution and preservation, seafood preservation and other areas.