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company news about 7 simple ways to maintain cold storage units

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China Guangzhou Icesource Refrigeration Equipment Co., LTD certification
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7 simple ways to maintain cold storage units

1. Frequently check and confirm whether the voltage of the power supply meets the requirements, the voltage should be 380V±10% (three-phase four-wire). When the cold storage equipment is not used for a long time, the total power supply of the cold storage should be cut off and ensure that the cold storage equipment is not damp or polluted by other substances such as ash.


2. The condenser on the refrigeration unit is easily contaminated and should be cleaned regularly according to the actual situation. In order to maintain a good heat transfer effect. Good heat dissipation means good cooling. Do not pile up debris around the refrigeration unit;


3. If any abnormal noise is found during the operation of the machine, it should be shut down for inspection and removed before running. The protection functions of the refrigeration compressor unit have been set in advance and no adjustment is required.


4. Regularly check whether the connecting pipes of the refrigeration unit and the connecting pipes on the valves are firm and whether there is refrigerant leakage (oil stains will appear in the general leakage area). The practical method of leak detection is: dip a sponge or soft cloth with detergent, rub it to foam, and then evenly apply it to the leak detection area and observe for several minutes. If it leaks, bubbles will appear. Mark the leaking place, and then do the tightening or gas welding treatment (maintenance by professional refrigeration staff).


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5. Sundries should not be stacked on the top of the cold storage equipment (top plate), otherwise the storage board of the cold storage will be deformed and affect the insulation performance, and keep the channels around the cold storage unobstructed. Only by ensuring good heat dissipation can the cooling be good. The location of the cold storage should be kept dry, clean, free of flammable and explosive materials, and ensure that there are no safety hazards. Do not stack objects in front of the evaporator (leave a certain gap), so as not to affect the cooling effect.


6. If the air humidity is too high, the defrosting interval is long, and the storage temperature setting is not normal, all these will cause the frost layer on the evaporator in the storage to thicken, and the storage temperature will not drop. At this time, defrost (defrost) treatment should be carried out. Observe in time and stop defrosting immediately when the frost layer disappears. Wait a while before starting the device.


7. The compressor should avoid frequent starting, and the interval between stops should not be less than 6 minutes. It is found that when the oil level of the compressor sight glass drops or becomes dirty, it needs to be added or replaced in time. It is not allowed to add unqualified refrigerating machine oil with incorrect grades and long-term exposure to the air resulting in high water content, otherwise it will cause high temperature carbonization, low temperature waxing, Failures such as damaged motor insulation and difficulty in returning oil to the system. Always pay attention to the temperature changes at the compressor casing, body and cylinder head to determine whether the compressor is operating normally. The refrigeration compressor unit does not need to be refueled under normal circumstances. If it is determined that it is necessary to add oil, a professional should add the special oil for the compressor.



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