8 applications of flake ice machine

September 21, 2022

Flake ice is widely used in food processing, manufacturing, and concrete cooling and other fields.


1、Fishery: The sea water flake ice machine can be installed directly on the fishing boat to make ice using sea water. Salvaged seafood can be quickly frozen and kept fresh, and fishery is one of the most important application areas of flake ice machines all over the world.


2、Aquatic products processing: Flake ice can reduce the temperature of processing media, washing water, and aquatic products, prevent bacterial growth, and keep aquatic products fresh during processing.


3、Food processing: For example, when mixing or adding cream twice in bread production, use flake ice to quickly cool down to prevent fermentation.


4、Poultry meat processing: huge heat will be generated during poultry and meat processing. Flake ice can be used to cool the poultry meat, and at the same time regulate the humidity of the product and improve the quality.


5、Vegetable distribution and preservation: Nowadays, in order to ensure the safety of vegetables, fruits, and meats, more and more physical methods are used to control the temperature in the storage and transportation of products. Flake ice has a rapid cooling effect, which can create a low temperature and high humidity environment to ensure that the subject is not damaged by bacteria.


6、Pharmaceutical industry: In many biosynthesis and chemical synthesis experiments, a large amount of ice needs to be added to control the reaction speed and maintain the activity of the organism. Flake ice is hygienic and clean, and has a fast cooling speed. It is the most ideal cooling carrier in this industry.


7、Concrete mixing: flake ice is directly used as the source of water in concrete mixing, the proportion is up to 80%. It can provide an efficient and easy-to-control cooling effect. The concrete mixed at a constant temperature will not crack due to physical deformation caused by the temperature, thus ensuring the quality and safety of the project. Globally, flake ice concrete cooling systems are widely used in high-quality large-scale projects, such as large-scale dams, high-grade highways, high-rise buildings and nuclear power plant construction projects, etc...


8、Chemical dyes:


With the rapid development of the chemical product processing industry, the market's requirements for the quality and technology of chemical products continue to increase. Due to the physical characteristics of ice, the continuous expansion of ice in the chemical industry is determined. In the production and synthesis process of azo-reactive pigments and dyes, diazotization, coupling and condensation are the necessary synthetic processes for production, due to the release of diazotization, coupling and condensation reactions. A large amount of heat is produced, and the ideal reaction conditions should be 0-5 degrees Celsius, so a large amount of ice must be added to cool the temperature during the chemical reaction process to ensure the quality of the product.

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