About Block Ice Maker, Buy Direct Cooling Type or Brine Type?

June 27, 2021

CBFI® R&D direct cooling type and brine type ice block machine. And recently, many customers prefer to choose the former, automatic type ice block makers.

Now let’s know the direct cooling block ice machine.

Suitable for industry:

1. All ice use occasions in the food industry;

2. Where ice is needed but salt water cannot be used;

3. Ice sculpture, ice for ice show;

4. Meat processing factory, live poultry slaughtering factory, seafood processing and preservation;

5. Mine cooling and factory cooling;

6. Ice used in chemical industry;

7. Ice factories in ports and docks.


Ice block size can be customized according to customers’ demand. So about block ice maker, buy direct cooling type or brine type?

1. Saving operating costs. The salt water ice block machine needs to be replaced with salt water regularly, and the ice mold is prone to corrosion if it is soaked in salt water for a long time. Therefore, the operating cost of direct cooling ice block machine is lower;

2. Save labor costs, direct cooling ice block machine does not have a crane, so no special operation is required. It is automatic from adding water to making ice, so one person can operate the whole set of equipment;

3. More space-saving, direct cooling ice block machine does not need to hoist, salt water pool. No large-scale factory premises are required;

4. The ice blocks are clean and hygienic. The direct cooling ice cubes directly make ice without contacting with salt water. Therefore, the ice cubes produced by the direct cooling ice cube machine meet the edible standards compared with the salt water ice block machine. Ice factory brings a wider market;

5. Power saving, the principle of the direct cooling ice block machine is that the refrigerant directly exchanges heat with the water in the mold, and directly absorbs the heat of the water in the mold. Compared with the traditional salt water ice block machine, the medium of salt water is not needed! Therefore, direct cooling ice block machine is more energy-saving than salt water;

6. The installation is convenient. The direct cooling ice block machine does not need to build a salt water tank, and the auxiliary equipment such as the crane is installed. The installation period is short and the construction is simple.