Air-cooled? water cooling? How to choose an ice maker?

August 8, 2022

Air-cooled? water cooling? How to choose an ice maker?


All refrigeration equipment will generate high temperature and high pressure during refrigeration, so it is necessary to cool the system, and the CBFI ice machine is no exception.


The cooling method of the ice maker is divided into two types: air cooling and water cooling. Air cooling is through the rotation of the fan, the cold air blows through the radiator, takes away heat, and discharges hot air; water cooling is when cold water enters the machine, flows through the radiator, takes away heat, and discharges hot water.

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Both air cooling and water cooling have advantages and disadvantages. Refer to the following description of the characteristics of water-cooled and air-cooled for your reference when choosing an ice maker.


01【Air-cooled ice machine】


Advantages of air-cooled ice machines


The advantage of air cooling over water cooling is that it saves water, but because the fan motor uses electricity, it also uses more electricity than water cooling.


Disadvantages of air-cooled ice machines


The cooling effect is easily affected by the ambient temperature. The hot air discharged into the room needs to be discharged in time. Otherwise, as the ambient temperature rises, the cooling effect of the ice maker will be affected. If the indoor temperature is too high to be discharged, the machine will be protected from overheating, and the human body will also feel uncomfortable.




The air-cooled condenser is easy to form dust, and it is generally necessary to clean the dust on the condenser every 2-3 months.


02【Water-cooled ice machine】


Advantages of water-cooled ice machines


In summer, the amount of ice produced is slightly larger than that of an air-cooled ice machine of the same specification, which is less affected by the room temperature and will not emit hot air into the room.


Disadvantages of water-cooled ice machines


The water consumption is a little more than the air-cooled one. CBFI ice machine adopts imported water saving valve, which can adjust the water output according to the temperature and pressure changes of the machine through intelligent pressure control, so as to achieve the effect of saving water.




If the tap water pressure is normal, the maintenance cycle of the water-cooled radiator can reach once every 2-3 years.


After understanding the heat dissipation principles of air cooling and water cooling, you can choose a more suitable ice maker according to your own situation.