Application fields of edible tube ice machine

June 20, 2022

Application fields of edible tube ice machine:

1. Edible ice factory

2. Ports and dock ice factories

3. Places where ice is used in coffee shops, bars, hotels, etc.

4. Commercial areas such as supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, etc.

5. Aquatic products and food preservation

6. Logistics preservation

7. Chemical and concrete engineering


Working condition requirements of edible tube ice making machine:

Ambient temperature: 33°C

Water supply temperature: 20°C (water quality should be relatively pure,

It is recommended to increase the water intake for areas with poor water quality

Water filter and soft water treatment)

Tube ice specifications: standard tube ice outer diameters with diameters of 22, 28, 35,

The inner hole is (0mm-15mm);

In addition, there are 35 and 41 pipe diameters available.

Power supply: all-electric power supply of international general standard

Extreme working conditions (range of variable working conditions): environment: 5℃~40℃, water supply: 5℃~30℃.

Refrigerant: R22, R404A, R717.



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Product features of edible tube ice maker machine:

Features of tube ice unit

1. The special ice-making method can remove impurities in the water. The ice is hard and powder-free.

2. The shape of the ice is hollow tube, shiny and transparent, environmentally friendly and hygienic; solid tube ice has also been developed to meet the various needs of customers

3. A variety of sizes are available, the outer diameter of the ice is 22, 28, 35mm, and the length of the ice is 25~45mm. It can also be customized according to customer requirements.

4. Compared with flake ice, tube ice takes longer to melt.

5. The shape of ice is suitable for storage and transportation, and is suitable for various fields.

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