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China Guangzhou Icesource Refrigeration Equipment Co., LTD certification
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Your service good, and we contact for a long, your cube ice machine reliable -- Mentor, Kosovo

—— Mentor from Kosovo

Because CBFI block ice machine, cube ice machine, cold room quality good. so i choose your company

—— Haitham from Saudi Arabia

Emily - I hope you are healthy and happy. I am glad to receive all cold room containers and it looks very good like we expected. Thanks Rusty.

—— Rusty Brown from CA , USA

the ice block ice machine is operating well thanks

—— Ismaila Silue

let me inform you, that both CS's are assembled and our grantee is very satisfied! thanks for good cooperation!

—— Malkhaz Bregadze

we are very happy with the quality of the work done by CBFI for manufacture and installation of Freezer and cooler rooms in our facility in Chicago

—— Soni

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Company News
Benefit from Blast Freezer

If you are interested in a safe and fast effective technique of cooling down your food, blast freezer can be recommended. Blast freezers provide a perfect solution for your company. Blast freezers are popularly in use in big restaurants, canteens, hotels, resorts and catering. Blast freezers are made to freeze up to negative eighteen degree Celsius (-18 ) given you the opportunity to preserve any processed meat for less than 3 months as well as salads and desserts for more than 10 months. As the freezer market, as well as commercial refrigeration, is growing worldwide, we can understand that numerous companies and businesses are getting to understand how important and benefit of blast freezer. This fast growth is not having an effect with larger organizations only but also a smaller one too because the majority are working toward the demand for frozen food products for our daily activities. If we have a clue why people are embracing this idea, then we have to consider the benefit of blast freezers and the problem within the circle of the food and catering industries.


Advantages of a blast freezer



Blast freezer clasps some magnificent advantages whenever it comes to dramatically grow of food and sequentially your profitability in respective of the industry you ought to be working for.


Waste reduction


Waste can be reduced in two forms via blast freezers. Firstly, when freezing at a low degree; it will enable food spoilage to be kept at a minimal level which will stop bacterial development. Though, this can be regarded as the simplest. Secondly, their dependable temperature regulates to ensure that foods maintain a safe temperature below -18.


A speed of cooling and freezing


Blast freezer enables cooling and freezing a large quantity of food at a faster level instead of using a normal kind of freezer which can save your cost and energy. However, this process stops the spread of bacteria faster and enabling fresh and save food.


Little ice crystals



A quick freezing process of a by-product is a smaller ice crystals formation. Ice crystals are the one running the texture, good appearance and taste conducting a lower quality product. Micro-crystals are the only one developing and this is the reason why blast freezer is such an important and efficacious device in the commercial catering industry. The safety and quality of your food should be the two essential things you can get accurate when working in the catering industry. If you want your business to stand out, blast freezers are the right choice for storing your food.


The benefit of a blast freezer


A blast freezer is a degree controlled unit which can be cold tremendously. It might also be regarded as a shock freezer. These kinds of freezers are considered to either bring the degree of foods down rapidly or freeze them extremely so fast. These specialized freezers are commonly used in the frozen food cantering industry and they can also be used in commercial kitchens as well as other companies or businesses dealing with the production of food and distribution. Various blast freezers work with blowers which allow chilled air over the products into the freezer in order to allow them to cool down rapidly. These blast freezers are provided with movable trays for the position of products and they may also contain an assortment freezer compartments. The freezer can definitely handle chilled foods at standard temperature and hot, as long as they are not overloaded.


3D blast freezer



3D Blast Freezer is another kind of customizable version of a freezer that contains an advanced freezing technology particularly designed to fit in, into a growing demand of cantering business that they might be facing with their growing customer demand as well as high production of their products.


In Conclusion


Competition can be ferocious specifically whenever it comes to preserving, manufacturing and processing industry. The 3D blast freezer and other blast freezers have the capability to give your business a push. It will assist in setting apart and make you stand out from other competitors. Speedy and quality kind of freezers can be provided to ensure the use of flavor, texture and moisture to your products, and then look no further if that is the kind of freezers you are looking for. I believe that blast freezers, as well as 3D blast freezer, can get you there.

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