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company news about Classification of Industrial Ice Machine Evaporator

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China Guangzhou Icesource Refrigeration Equipment Co., LTD certification
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Company News
Classification of Industrial Ice Machine Evaporator
Latest company news about Classification of Industrial Ice Machine Evaporator

Evaporation is the physical process of transforming liquid into gaseous state. Generally speaking, an evaporator is an object that converts a liquid substance into a gaseous state. There are a large number of evaporators in the industry, of which evaporators used in refrigeration systems are one of them. The evaporator is a very important part of the four major parts of refrigeration. The low-temperature condensed liquid passes through the evaporator, exchanges heat with the outside air, vaporizes and absorbs heat, and achieves the effect of refrigeration. The evaporator is mainly composed of two parts: a heating chamber and an evaporation chamber. The heating chamber provides the heat needed for evaporation to the liquid to promote the boiling and vaporization of the liquid; the evaporation chamber completely separates the gas and liquid phases. Then what are the classifications of the evaporator of industrial ice machine in the ice making system?


1. According to evaporation method:


Natural evaporation: that is, the solution evaporates at a temperature lower than the boiling point, such as sea water drying salt. In this case, because the solvent only vaporizes on the surface of the solution, the solvent vaporization rate is low.


Boiling evaporation: The solution is heated to the boiling point to evaporate in a boiling state. Industrial evaporation operations are basically of this type.


2. According to heating method:


Direct heat source heating is an evaporation process in which fuel and air are mixed, and the high-temperature flame and smoke generated by the combustion are sprayed directly into the evaporated solution through a nozzle to heat the solution and vaporize the solvent.


Indirect heat source heating The walls of the container are transferred to the evaporated solution. That is, the heat transfer process in the partition wall heat exchanger.


3. According to operating pressure:


Can be divided into normal pressure, pressure and pressure (vacuum) evaporation operations. Obviously, for heat-sensitive materials, such as antibiotic solutions, fruit juices, etc., should be carried out under reduced pressure. High-viscosity materials should be heated by pressurized high-temperature heat sources (such as heat transfer oil, molten salt, etc.) for evaporation


​4. According to the number of effects:


It can be divided into single-effect and multi-effect evaporation. If the secondary steam produced by evaporation is directly condensed and no longer used, it is called single-effect evaporation. If the secondary steam is used as the next-effect heating steam and multiple evaporators are connected in series, this evaporation process is multi-effect evaporation.

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