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company news about Cold Storage Construction Misunderstandings

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Company News
Cold Storage Construction Misunderstandings

Misunderstanding 1: Ammonia cold storage is better than fluorine cold storage with lower investment
Ammonia and fluorine are two common refrigerants, which are widely used in cold storage refrigeration systems. Many owners think that low investment in ammonia storage is good. Why?
First, ammonia refrigeration is more traditional. Many large and medium-sized cold storages in the past used ammonia refrigeration systems. There were more operators in ammonia refrigeration systems. Later, most of them became "experts" in the refrigeration industry. Later, some owners built cold storages. It is natural to ask these masters as consultants. They are familiar with ammonia systems and are more reluctant to fluorine refrigeration systems. In addition, some masters engaged in refrigeration engineering did not know much about the fluorine system and did not design and calculate according to their own experience (the key is that they do not have reference experience). Most of the projects ended in failure, leaving too much story.
Second, the ammonia refrigeration system used to supply liquid mainly by barrel pumps, while the fluorine refrigeration system mainly supplied liquid by pressure difference. In some quick-freezing conditions, due to the different liquid supply methods, the refrigeration effect does exist. Fluorine is not as good as the ammonia refrigeration effect. .
Third, the former ammonia refrigerator model has a larger span, the latter model is basically twice the previous model, and sometimes the larger model is selected for the invisible effect, so the output of a nominal 10T/D quick-freezing room can be easily Reaching 15~20T/D, it naturally seems that ammonia refrigeration is better than fluorine refrigeration.
Fourth, because ammonia is toxic and has a strong pungent odor, the ammonia system construction is relatively standardized and rigorous (good airtightness); on the contrary, many people think that the fluorine refrigeration system is non-toxic, so the construction is not serious, because it is colorless and tasteless It is difficult to find when leaking, resulting in poor system performance. In addition, most of the ammonia system uses manual valves, which will not affect the system if it is dirty. However, most of the fluorine refrigeration systems are self-controlled valves, and dirt may cause the system to crash. Due to engineering construction problems, many owners will also create the illusion that ammonia storage is better than fluorine cold storage.
Fifth, many owners believe that the low investment in ammonia storage is due to the country’s inadequate safety management of small ammonia systems in the past period of time, mainly at the expense of a lot of safety costs (design, construction, testing, etc.), incomplete safety facilities, and personnel. Caused by many factors such as insufficient configuration and low degree of automation. It is also the main reason for the frequent occurrence of ammonia system safety accidents in recent years, leading to the phenomenon of large-scale rectification of ammonia-related enterprises, non-approval of new projects, and large amounts of ammonia to fluorine.
In general, many people in the industry have formed the misconception that ammonia refrigeration systems have low investment and good results for a long time. At present, if the large-scale fluorine refrigeration system adopts the barrel pump liquid supply method, scientific design, strict construction, and focus on solving the "dirty and leakage" problems of the system, the effect will not be worse than that of ammonia; but ammonia is an internationally recognized environmentally friendly refrigerant, as long as it is strictly implemented Safety standards require that there is no problem in use, and of course the investment is not necessarily lower than that of fluorine refrigeration systems.
Misunderstanding 2: Believe in good quality and low price
"Good quality and low price" is the traditional psychological appeal of the Chinese. Many owners who invest in cold storage blindly pursue low prices and trust the manufacturers' quality commitments. Finally, the project was won at an incredible low price, and there were many potential quality and safety hazards in the later stage. At present, the refrigeration market equipment and materials are mixed, technical capabilities, and construction levels are uneven. Small and medium-sized projects have no formal design, and each company reports their plans. As a result, the quotations of the same project are very different, and the customers are not professional and cannot be scientifically effective. In the end, we can only choose the manufacturer that dares to promise the lowest price. As a heavy asset investment, cold storage is mainly production and operation. It is not only necessary to consider the initial investment, but also the later operation cost, maintenance cost, operating life, risk cost and many other factors. Industrial products are different from ordinary consumer products, and there is never a luxury configuration. Every penny of increased investment will bring more benefits. There are only short-term benefits and long-term benefits. Please believe that "you get what you pay for", if you choose Please accept its defects in the price, if you choose quality, please respect its price. Therefore, a scientific and reasonable investment concept will be the key to the success or failure of investment in cold storage projects!
Misunderstanding 3: Compressor is equal to cold storage
The most important thing in a cold storage is the refrigeration system. The core of the refrigeration system is the compressor. Therefore, many people think that the compressor is equal to the cold storage, the quality of the compressor is equal to the quality of the cold storage, and the energy efficiency of the compressor is equal to the energy efficiency of the cold storage. Many cold storage investors only look at compressor brands. As long as they use a certain well-known brand, they will feel at ease, and the rest will be cheaper than the price. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding. The cold storage is a complicated systematic project, and the compressor is just an accessory. The five key links (design, material selection, construction, inspection, and service) of the cold storage are indispensable. As the saying goes, "three parts and seven divisions of labor", no design or unreasonable design will make the later operating costs of the cold storage remain high. Improper selection of materials or unreasonable equipment selection will bury potential quality and safety hazards to the system. There are construction quality standards and experienced construction teams and temporary patchwork of wild roads. The quality of the project can be imagined. Needless to say, testing and service. , It is a powerful guarantee and supplement to the quality of the project. Therefore, the systematic engineering of cold storage should use systematic thinking to ensure the quality of the project. The compressor is not equal to the cold storage, nor can it represent the quality and performance of the cold storage.
Misunderstanding 4: Cold storage temperature is everything
The important indicator of a cold storage is temperature, so the first important thing for many owners to build a cold storage is to lower the temperature. Seeing the falling temperature, the owner is satisfied, the construction party is happy, and everyone is happy that the temperature reaches the project qualification. What's more, the cold storage of several thousand square meters dropped to -18 degrees in one breath, never considering the feelings of the cold storage, let alone knowing the dangers and hazards, and there is no basic professional common sense. It is true that the temperature of the cold storage is an important indicator, but it is not the only indicator. In terms of temperature, there are also technical indicators such as the uniformity of the temperature in the cold storage, temperature fluctuations, the 24-hour cold storage temperature and the cooling rate. Temperature is just the tip of the iceberg floating on the sea. The real performance indicators are underwater, such as: energy consumption, stability, service life, safety risks, etc. The invisible places are the most important difference between the quality and performance of cold storage.
Misunderstanding 5: Superstitious manufacturers
Many cold storage investors believe in equipment manufacturers and believe in manufacturers. Manufacturers are indeed professional in producing equipment. For example, many well-known compressor manufacturers are specialized in manufacturing. The focus is on equipment design and development, manufacturing technology, and material processing. The application of compressors is their technical direction, and there are many specialties. The professional direction of the equipment company is very narrow, and the production process is more biased. The cold storage is an engineering product, requiring many professions such as refrigeration, electrical, construction, structure, etc., and many processes such as welding, heat preservation and corrosion protection, assembly, and electrical wiring. To put it simply, the manufacturer is like a pharmaceutical factory, and the contractor is like a hospital. Don't go to the pharmaceutical factory when you go to the hospital to see a doctor. Instead, go to the contractor to build a cold storage. Please trust your professionalism!
Misunderstanding 6: Believe "experts" credulously
There are indeed a large number of experts in the industry with strong professional skills, strong business capabilities, knowledgeable and rich experience. They are admirable and respected as real experts. However, there are still a large number of people who know a little about refrigeration, and even those who don’t even understand the principle of refrigeration, call themselves "experts". These pseudo-experts can say and dare to say more than real experts, and they are slandering and pretending to be fools and confusing cold storage investors. . Cold storage investors credulously believe that the pseudo-experts have been deceived and suffered terribly. They seem to have put on the emperor’s new clothes and continue to feel good about themselves. A true expert is prudent in his words and deeds, has a thorough understanding of his profession, speaks endlessly about technology, from technical principles to details, speaks in a simple way, dare not express opinions about professions that he does not understand, never express opinions, and do not understand. do not know. Self-proclaimed experts, who know everything and know everything, are given a three-shot type expert, "make a decision to pat the head, make a guarantee, pat the brain, and pat the ass when something goes wrong." However, it is strange that pseudo-experts are more popular for cold storage investment. , Because pseudo-experts cater to the strong psychological needs of cold storage investors: cheap, easy to use, and power-saving.
Misunderstanding 7: Self-procurement to find "guerrillas" for construction
Many cold storage investors want to save money. This is understandable. With limited funds, they want to do more, so they try their best to reduce investment. Among them, there is a model of purchasing equipment and materials from the manufacturer and finding someone to install it. As a systematic project, cold storage is indispensable from design, type selection, construction to inspection, and service. Purchasing equipment by yourself and looking for "guerrillas" for construction may save some money, but it is difficult to guarantee the performance of cold storage without a system design, which may cause high later operating costs, high system risks, and difficult maintenance. If it is a quick-freezing production type cold storage The expected output and quality may not be achieved. Self-purchasing equipment due to lack of professional knowledge, the purchase quantity is small, the quality of the purchase is difficult to guarantee, and the price is not necessarily low. "Guerilla" construction has no quality process standards, no quality management, project quality and project risks cannot be controlled, and there are great quality and safety risks. Procurement of equipment and materials by oneself and find someone to install it. Once there is a problem with the project, the manufacturer and the construction team will wrestle with each other, no one will bear the responsibility, and all risks and problems will be borne by the cold storage investor. On the surface, this model has saved some money for cold storage investors, but in fact it has buried hidden dangers for the project and increased risk costs. At the same time, the unreasonable configuration may increase operating costs.
Finally, cold storage is a complex and systematic project. Professionals do professional things. The specialty of cold storage engineers is to build high-quality cold storage. The specialty of cold storage investors is to manage cold storage, manage their own customers, and continue to make profits. Please believe in the power of professionalism!

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