Cold Storage Maintenance and Condenser’ s Temperature Problems

June 27, 2021

Let me tell you about the various technical indicators that need to be paid attention to during the operation of the cold storage and how to maintain the cold storage unit

1. Regularly check various technical indicators and adjust in time

The operating temperature and pressure of the cold storage system, the amount of lubricating oil and refrigerant, should be checked and adjusted in time. The system should have automatic control and compressor alarm devices. If there is a problem, an alarm will be issued, or an automatic protective shutdown and compressor shutdown.

2. Maintenance of the unit

Lubricants and filters should be changed regularly. Replenish refrigerant as needed. The condenser should be cleaned at any time and kept clean to avoid dust, sediment or flying debris, which affects the cooling effect. The source of the article is Refrigeration Encyclopedia.

Some people think that as long as there is no impurities in the lubricating oil, it can continue to be used. Although it has been used for more than two years, it does not need to be replaced. This is obviously wrong. If the lubricating oil runs for a long time under high temperature in the system, its performance may have changed and it can no longer function as due to lubrication. If it is not replaced, the operating temperature of the machine will increase, and the machine may even be damaged.

The filter should also be replaced regularly. We know that general machines have "three filters" and they must be replaced regularly. Refrigeration compressor systems may not have "three filters" and only one oil filter, which should also be replaced regularly. If you think that the filter is metal, you don’t need to replace it if it is damaged. This view is unfounded and untenable.




Another, we also need pay attention to the environmental temperature of the condenser of cold room.

The condenser is generally installed on the roof of the outdoor roof. In the environment with high temperature in summer, the temperature of the condenser itself is very high, which increases the operating pressure of the unit. If there are many high-temperature weather, you can build a pergola on the roof condensation to block the sunlight and reduce the temperature of the condenser, so as to reduce the pressure of the machine and protect the unit equipment, so as to ensure the temperature of the cold storage. Of course, if the capacity of the unit is sufficient to ensure the temperature of the warehouse, it is not necessary to build a pergola.