Common Fault Maintenance Methods of Ice Machines

June 27, 2021

Identify the fault based on the ice machine indicator

1. The power indicator of the ice machine keeps flashing fast. The machine does not work: the cause of the failure: the probe for detecting the water temperature is broken. Ice machine maintenance method: open the rear cover, open the electrical control box cover above the compressor, find a three-core connector, check if there is any falling off or poor contact, and re-plug it.


   2. The three ice-type lamps of the ice-making machine are blinking cyclically, and the machine is not working: the cause of the failure: the machine-making market is not normal for eating and removing ice on time in the battery technology; maintenance method: restart


In addition, let's understand some other common fault phenomena as follows:

  Ice maker failure phenomenon 1: The compressor works but does not cool.

Reason for failure: leaking refrigerant or damaged two-way solenoid valve is not tightly closed.

Maintenance method: make up the leak after leak detection, add refrigerant or replace the solenoid valve


   Failure phenomenon of the ice machine 2: The compressor has been working to cool, and the water pump has been working to pump water. The ice cubes continue to thicken, but they cannot always enter the de-icing program to drop ice.

Causes of ice machine failure: Water temperature probe failure, so that the intelligent control system can not effectively sense the water temperature and work, misjudge the program error, or controller failure.

Ice machine maintenance method: use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the water temperature probe (when the water temperature in the water tank is close to 0°C, unplug the three-core wire in the control box and test the resistance of the two wires on both sides), such as resistance How many times; the mode value is 27K, which may have occurred on the market; the controller is judged to be bad if it is above Changliu, and should be replaced. If the resistance value is lower than 27K, the two lines must be disconnected. The city of Changsha may be Any one of them, adjust the resistance to 27K to 28K by way of series resistance.


   Phenomenon 3: The ice maker machine enters the de-icing procedure (the water pump stops working, the compressor stops cooling) and the ice cubes do not fall off.

Cause: The two-way solenoid valve is damaged.

Maintenance method: replace the solenoid valve body or outer coil.


Phenomenon 4. The compressor of the ice machine is working but the water pump has not been working (no running water)

Cause: The pump is damaged or the internal survival manual of the pump is clogged with Lexton.

Ice machine maintenance method: clean the water pump or replace it.