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company news about Comparison of flake ice and block ice

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China Guangzhou Icesource Refrigeration Equipment Co., LTD certification
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Company News
Comparison of flake ice and block ice

Ice has a great effect as a cooling medium for food; it has a very large cooling capacity; it is harmless, portable, and inexpensive. There are many types of ice cubes, including flake ice, block ice,cube ice, tube ice and so on.

Now we come to understand the difference between flake ice and block ice


Flake ice:


1. Large contact area. The cooling capacity of flake ice produced by flake ice machine is very powerful. Its temperature ranges from 5 to 8°C and the thickness is 1.8mm ~ 2.5mm. Thin flake ice will melt the rapidly cooling product.


2. Product protection. The flake ice is dry, smooth and flat without any edges. These unique characteristics make flake ice an ideal cooling resource for food cooling. Its flat shape will not cause any damage to the food surface and mixed plants and.


3. Sanitation. The vertical style of the drum is usually fixed, with ice formed on the inner surface. The harvesting blade motor drives cracks on this surface, and the ice falls off and falls on the refrigerator. Therefore, the entire production process is more hygienic than any other ice requiring human handling.


4. Energy efficient. Unlike other types of ice, ice chips do not need to be thawed during the thawing process, therefore, all the energy is used to make ice. All the water is distributed to the inner drum into ice and falls into the refrigerator. So no water is wasted in production.


5. Large-scale applications. Flake ice is mainly used in food-related industries that require rapid cooling. Flake ice is mainly used in commercial fishing, food-related industries and concrete cooling industries, usually in large quantities.


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Block ice:


1. Longer holding time. Block ice produced by block ice machine is strong, thick, and hard, and has the smallest contact area in other types of ice. Therefore, it can be maintained for a long time. The speed of melting is less than that of already cold fish will remain frozen. Block ice is particularly good for fishing boats or hot wind temperature regions such as Africa and the Middle East.


2. Less space. The storage space requirement for large ice cubes is greater than for any other form of ice. The space in the fishing boat is limited; therefore, ice cubes are the ideal ice to achieve. Block ice takes up less space than flake ice or the same amount of ice in other shapes.


3. Cheap electricity. Block ice can only be used during off-peak hours, limiting the use of peak power to assist in harvesting loads; then make full use of cheap electricity, which may be half the ordinary price at peak times. Electricity in large factories accounts for 40% of total production costs. Ice factories are usually designed to work continuously for 24 hours, which cannot make full use of cheap electricity.


4. Reduce losses. Very large blocks, usually only run continuously in large installations, because the freezing time can be 8 hours or more. In warm climates, the blocks with large losses are not distributed because they take longer to thaw.


5. Practical. Block ice can crush any desired particle size. The crushed ice blocks can be used for all practical purposes like other crushed ice.


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