How does the refrigeration pipe drain when cold storage is installed?

September 27, 2021

When buying cold storage, we have to know some knowledge about the cold storage.

Before the cold storage is installed, the refrigeration pipe must be thoroughly removed. The rust and dirt on the inner and outer walls of the pipe must be removed, and the inner wall must be kept dry. After the outer wall of the pipe is decontaminated and derusted, it must be immediately brushed to prevent rust. paint. There are many decontamination methods for pipelines, and we mainly recommend the following.


①Before the cold storage is installed, perform manual decontamination. Use a wire brush to reciprocate the inside of the pipe until the dirt and rust in the pipe are removed, then wipe it dry with a clean white cloth, and then blow it with dry compressed air To the mouth of the pipe, it is not considered qualified until the sprayed air is free of dirt on the white paper. *It is also necessary to take proper moisture-proof measures. After sealing the pipeline, wait until the cold storage is installed before enabling it. However, this method is labor intensive, low in efficiency, and poor in cleaning quality.

②Dip washing and decontamination method: For small diameter pipes, elbows or elbows used in cold storage installation, use a clean white cloth soaked with carbon tetrachloride to wipe the inner wall of the pipe clean. For large diameter pipes, it can be filled Decontaminate the carbon tetrachloride solution. After 15 to 20 minutes, let go of one end of the pipe and pour out the carbon tetrachloride solution. Use the above method to wipe the pipe clean, blow dry, and then Archive for future use.

③Use sandblasting decontamination method for the refrigeration pipe installed in the cold storage: use 0.4~0.6MPa compressed air to spray sand with a particle size of 0.5~2.0mm onto the rusty metal surface, and the metal surface will be damaged by the impact of sand. The dirt is removed, revealing the metallic texture and gloss. The metal surface decontaminated by this method will become rough and uniform, so that the paint can be well combined with the metal surface, and the rust on the recesses on the metal surface can be cleaned. It is a commonly used one in processing plants or prefabrication plants. Kind of decontamination method.

  There are mainly the above-mentioned cleaning methods for the refrigeration pipes installed in the cold storage. The construction personnel can choose the decontamination method according to the site conditions to avoid the condition of the refrigeration pipes during the installation of the cold storage.

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