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company news about How to Build a Fruit Cold Storage Room

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Company News
How to Build a Fruit Cold Storage Room
Latest company news about How to Build a Fruit Cold Storage Room

Preparation before construction

If building a cold storage for storing fruits, the first thing to understand is:

What is the scale of the cold storage that needs to be built and how many tons do you want to store?

2. What fruits are stored?

3. What is the purchasing temperature and daily purchasing volume of fruits?

Are there any requirements for temperature and humidity in the cold storage?

Is there a requirement for the storage period of fruits?

What type of fruit cold storage needs to be built?

7. Are there any requirements for the brand of refrigeration equipment and the material of insulation board?

8. Where is the cold storage built, what structural form of factory building, civil engineering or steel structure should be chosen?

9. Is there a drawing size for the site and factory building?

What is the voltage at the location of the cold storage project?


For directly stacked cold storage, the calculation tonnage of the cold storage can refer to the following formula:

G=∑ V1 ρ S η/ one thousand

G: Calculated tonnage of cold storage (t);

ρ: Calculated density of food (kg/m ³);

V: Nominal volume of refrigeration room (m ³), Size inside the cold storage=length × wide × high

η: The capacity utilization coefficient of the cold storage;

Note: For fresh fruits packaged in baskets or boxes, the density can be taken as 300kg/m ³。


CBFI Warm Reminder: If the cold storage adopts shelves for storage, the tonnage can be calculated based on the total maximum allowable storage capacity of each cargo space (pallet); The number of cargo spaces (pallets) should be determined according to the actual layout.

What fruits can be stored in the cold storage?

According to the growing zone, it can be divided into tropical fruits, subtropical fruits, warm temperate fruits, mid temperate fruits, and cold temperate fruits.

Tropical fruits include: coconut, mango, pineapple, lychee, loquat, carambola, durian, papaya, banana, etc;

Subtropical fruits: grapes, nectarines, Pitaya, cherries, red dates, oranges, plums, lemons, etc;

Fruit in warm temperate zone, middle temperate zone and cold zone: melon, persimmon, strawberry, Hami melon, orange, apricot, bayberry, peach, apple, watermelon, kiwi, etc.

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What is the design temperature required?

It is recommended to set an appropriate temperature and humidity environment for fruit preservation inventory. Here is a reference data for fruit cold storage storage:

latest company news about How to Build a Fruit Cold Storage Room  1

If you want a longer storage period and need to use a controlled atmosphere storage, you can refer to the following data:

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What type of fruit cold storage will be built?

There are roughly three types of fruit cold storage, namely: fruit preservation cold storage, fruit quick freezing cold storage, and fruit controlled atmosphere storage.

Are there any differences in the preservation temperature and storage time among the three types of cold storage?

1. Comparison of storage temperatures

From the perspective of storage temperature, fruit preservation warehouses and fruit controlled atmosphere warehouses are roughly the same, with temperatures generally ranging from 0 ℃ to 10 ℃. Some tropical fruits, such as bananas and mangoes, have preservation temperatures set above 10 ℃;

The temperature requirement for fruit freezers is relatively low, and the temperature is generally set at around -35 ℃. For example, frozen durian, frozen blueberry, etc., after being frozen, they are stored in a -18 ℃ low-temperature freezer for refrigeration;

2. Comparison of storage time

From the perspective of storage time: fruit frozen storage time>fruit controlled atmosphere storage>fruit preservation storage;

But from the quality of fresh fruits:

Controlled atmosphere storage has the best preservation effect, does not damage the fruit cell structure, and has the lowest loss;

The preservation effect and time of the fresh-keeping warehouse are slightly worse than those of the controlled atmosphere warehouse;

Although the frozen storage has a long preservation time, during the storage process, due to low temperature freezing, it can damage the cellular structure of the fruit and cannot maintain its original flavor.


What is the budget?

The cost of a cold storage is mainly related to the design scheme of the cold storage, such as the brand selection of refrigeration equipment, the selection of refrigeration systems, and the selection of insulation panels for the cold storage. The prices of different design schemes can vary greatly.

The proportion of refrigeration equipment and insulation materials in the cost of cold storage is about 80% (the rest includes design fees, installation fees, material transportation fees, etc.).

The cost of equipment and materials is influenced by the equipment brand and selection; The impact of insulation material specifications. Therefore, the choice can be made based on one's own needs and the opinions of refrigeration engineers.


The construction and selection of fruit cold storage should follow the following principles:

(1) It should comply with the requirements of the local overall planning and be approved by the local planning department;

(2) There should be good hygiene conditions around the warehouse site, and it is necessary to avoid and keep away from areas with harmful gases, dust, smoke, dust, and other sources of pollution;

(3) Choose a location with convenient transportation;

(4) Reliable water and power sources as well as drainage conditions should be available;

(5) It is advisable to choose a place with high terrain and good engineering geological conditions.

Special note: Construction sites are generally divided into indoor and outdoor types, with indoor construction prices lower than outdoor ones.


What kind of supplier are you looking for for for cold storage construction?

It is recommended to find a professional cold storage builder to install and build the cold storage, which will save money and energy.

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CBFI Refrigeration Professional Cold Storage Team


CBFI Ice Source Refrigeration subsidiary is a supplier specializing in cold storage engineering solutions.

Focusing on the cold storage industry for nearly a decade, we have a strong R&D technology and engineering construction team. Having strong equipment production and delivery capabilities and outstanding engineering construction capabilities. The R&D team has nearly 40 people, including many middle and senior refrigeration engineers and Electrical engineer.

We can provide customers with general contracting (EPC) for cold storage engineering projects, providing full process services from project concept, design, cost, equipment production, engineering installation, debugging and delivery, technical training, after-sales service, and operational data monitoring.


Professional team building

Standard construction process


1. Entering the site and starting construction

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2.Installation of wall panels and top plates

latest company news about How to Build a Fruit Cold Storage Room  5


3.Ground treatment

latest company news about How to Build a Fruit Cold Storage Room  6


4.Equipment and pipeline installation

latest company news about How to Build a Fruit Cold Storage Room  7


5.Equipment debugging

latest company news about How to Build a Fruit Cold Storage Room  8


6.Delivery and use

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CBFI Cold Storage Case--Zambia Fruit Cold Storage

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