How to calculate how many goods can be stored in the cold storage?

December 15, 2021

People often ask: "How much can I buy in this warehouse? I have 1,000 tons of fruit, how much inventory do I need to build?" I want to build a cold storage, but I don't know how big it is... I will teach you one here. Very simple conversion method. Although I don’t know the area, I have a basic idea of ​​how many tons of cargo you are going to put.
1. How to convert area based on tonnage?
According to the tonnage, the cold storage area can be calculated. Height is another prerequisite that must be known. The height is based on the most conventional 3.5 meters and 4.5 meters as the premise to summarize the conversion results of the following cold storage products.
Cold storage tonnage = internal volume of cold storage room x volume utilization factor x unit weight of food
2. Cold storage tonnage calculation
The internal volume of the cold storage room = the internal length x width x height
Volume utilization factor of cold storage:
500~1000 cubic =0.4
1001~2000 cubic =0.5
2001~10000 cubic =0.55
10001~15000 cubic = 0.6
3. Food unit weight of cold storage:
Frozen meat = 0.4 tons/cubic
Frozen fish = 0.47 tons/cubic
Fresh fruits and vegetables = 0.23 tons/cubic
Machine-made ice = 0.75 tons/cubic
Boneless meat cut or by-product = 0.6 tons/cubic
Boxed frozen poultry = 0.55 tons/cubic
4. Calculation method of cold storage warehousing quantity:
1. In the warehousing industry, the formula for calculating the maximum storage volume is:
Effective content volume (m3) = total content volume (m3) x 0.9
Maximum storage volume (tons) = total internal volume (m3) / 2.5m3
2. The actual maximum storage volume of the mobile cold storage
Effective content volume (m3) = total content volume (m3) X0.9
Maximum storage volume (tons) = total internal volume (m3) X (0.4-0.6)/2.5m3