How to clean cube ice machine and considerations

August 24, 2021

Daily cleaning steps of cube ice machine


1. Remove the ice and water from the ice storage machine;


2. Remove the front panel;


3. Put the main switch in the ON position, and put the toggle switch in the OFF position;


4. Remove the evaporator baffle;


5. Inject 200 grams (400 grams into MV50) of ice maker cleaning fluid into the water tank, place the toggle switch in the cleaning position, and run for 15 minutes;


6. Clean each ice mold of the evaporator with a brush and the cleaning liquid in the water tank;


7. Place the switch in the OFF position, remove the drain plug in the water tank, fill the water tank with the cleaning liquid in the cleaning water tank, and put the drain plug back to its original place;


8. Repeat cleaning the water tank 2-3 times;


9. Place the toggle switch in the ice making position;


10. Reinstall the evaporator baffle;


11. Check the ice cubes produced next time, all the cleaning fluid has been cleaned out (without sour taste)


12. Pour hot water into the refrigerator to melt the ice cubes, and clean the drain pipe of the water storage tank.




Considerations in cleaning cube ice machine


Turn off the machine after the last piece of ice is added before cleaning


Wipe with a toothbrush or a clean cloth, and the pipeline needs to be disassembled and rinsed regularly.


For areas with heavy scale, white vinegar or citric acid can be used for cleaning


Clean the periphery of the equipment in time to ensure ventilation and heat dissipation. Wipe the ice machine with a dry linen cloth, and pay attention to clean dead corners.


Use a vacuum cleaner, a small brush, etc. to clean the oil and dust on the condensing surface. Do not use sharp metal tools to clean it to avoid damage to the condenser. Finally, reinstall it to the correct position.