How to improve the use effect of flake ice machine

August 12, 2021

The flake ice machine can enter the gap between the objects to be cooled, reduce heat communication, maintain the temperature of the ice, and has an outstanding moisturizing effect. The flake ice machine has excellent cooling effect, and has the characteristics of great cooling ability and fast speed. Therefore, it is mainly used for various large-scale refrigeration equipment, food freezing, concrete cooling, etc.


The principle of flake ice machine ice is from the water inlet of the evaporator of the flake ice machine into the water collecting pan, after watering, the water is evenly sprinkled on the inner wall of the evaporator to form a water film. The water film communicates with the refrigerant in the evaporator flow path. Heating, the temperature drops rapidly. A thin layer of ice is formed on the inner wall of the evaporator, which is crushed into ice cubes under the squeeze of ice skates, and falls into the ice storage installation from the ice drop. A part of the unfrozen water passes through the water collecting pan, and returns to the cold water tank through the cold water circulating pump from the water return port.




The ice making cycle is compensated by the water valve, the water automatically enters the water collector, and then the water is pumped to the splitter through the flow control valve, and the water is evenly split at the splitter. Sprayed on the surface of the ice maker, the water curtain passes through the wall of the ice maker, the water is cooled to the freezing point, the unevaporated and frozen water will flow into the water storage tank through the porous water tank, and the circulation will recover.


When the ice reaches the required thickness (under normal conditions, the thickness of the ice is 1.5-2.2mm), the hot air discharged from the compressor will be directed into the ice from the beginning in the manufacturer's fixture. Change the low-temperature liquid refrigerant on the wall. This forms a water film between the ice and the evaporation tube wall. This layer of water acts as a lubricant when ice falls freely into the groove below under gravity. The water produced during the ice picking cycle will pass through the porous water tank and return to the storage tank, which also prevents the wet ice from being discharged by the machine.


The ice flake has a large contact surface and can be rapidly cooled and thoroughly mixed without sharp points to damage the product to be cooled. The ice flake machine is a leader in fast and large-scale refrigeration projects, and is widely used in supermarket food preservation, fishery protection, food processing, concrete cooling, etc. Guangzhou Icesource has the technology to manufacture evaporators, which are the core components of the ice machine. Our ice cutter and the ice flake machine itself can continue to work.

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