How to regulate the operation of cold storage and save electricity

October 25, 2021

How to regulate the operation of cold storage and save electricity?
1. Reasonable use of cold storage room
The power consumption of the cold storage room is calculated by the running time of the cold storage of the cold storage. In summary, it consists of two parts: one is the cooling capacity of the goods when they are stored in the cooling and cold storage; the other is the cooling consumption of the cold storage itself (ie Protection structure) and the heat of the operator. The key to saving electricity is to increase the utilization factor of cold storage. The cold storage with the lower utilization factor consumes more cold capacity and wastes more electricity.
In actual operation, the power equipped with refrigeration compression is selected according to the cooling capacity of the cold storage, and the cooling capacity of the refrigeration unit is greater than the cold consumption of the cold storage. When the cold storage is operating in the off-season, because the cold storage stores less goods, it consumes a lot of electricity compared to the operation of the refrigeration unit, and wastes electricity. Therefore, in the off-season, the goods in several cold storages can be stored centrally according to the actual situation to reduce energy consumption.
2. Refrigerator indoor lighting system
The energy saving of cold storage lighting should be based on safety and reasonableness from the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection, and comprehensive consideration should be given to the area and height of the cold storage. The lighting of the cold storage room is usually concentrated in the work area. On the premise of ensuring the safe work of operators, unnecessary lights should be turned off in time to reduce the heat load and power consumption of the warehouse. At the same time, lighting fixtures with low energy consumption, high efficiency and excellent quality should be used as much as possible to reduce the frequency of damage and replacement of the lamps. The LED lighting system has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, uniform lighting, high low-temperature luminous efficiency, and high power supply efficiency. It is a promising new type of light source and the future development direction of the indoor lighting system of the cold storage.
3. Regularly check the refrigeration system to ensure that the evaporator has good heat exchange
Data shows that when there is a 0.1mm thick oil film in the evaporator coil, in order to maintain the set storage temperature requirement, the evaporation temperature needs to be reduced by 2.5°C, and the power consumption will increase by more than 10%. When the scale on the wall of the condenser water pipe reaches 1.5 mm, the condensation temperature will increase by 2.8°C, and the power consumption will increase by 9.7%. When air is mixed into the refrigeration system and its partial pressure reaches 0.196 MPa, the power consumption of the unit will increase by about 18%. Therefore, it can be seen that it is very important for the evaporator of the refrigerator refrigeration system to regularly discharge oil, clean the scale of the condenser and discharge air.
4. Reasonable use of day and night temperature difference management
My country has a vast territory, and many areas have large temperature differences between day and night. The temperature difference between day and night in marine climate zone is usually 6~10℃, while that in continental climate zone can reach 10~15℃. The ambient temperature at night is low, and the night start time can be adjusted and extended according to the storage characteristics of the product. Because the condensation temperature is relatively low, it is conducive to the energy saving of Fuyang cold storage.