Ice Making Principle of Tube Ice Machine and Its Application

September 16, 2021

The ice part of the tube ice machine is an evaporator, and the evaporator is composed of many vertical parallel steel pipes. The deflector at the top of the evaporator sprinkles water evenly into each steel pipe in a spiral manner. The excess water is collected by the bottom tank and pumped back to the evaporator. There is refrigerant flowing in the outer space of the steel pipe and heat exchange with the water in the pipe, and the water in the shut is gradually cooled down into ice. When the thickness of the tube ice reaches the desired value, the water automatically stops flowing. The hot refrigerant gas will enter the evaporator to melt the tube ice. When the tube ice falls, the ice cutting mechanism operates to cut the tube ice into a set size.


Compared with other ice machines, the biggest advantage of the tube ice machine is that the ice produced is not easy to melt, the temperature is low, and its tubular hollow center has good air permeability, which has an irreplaceable effect. So what are the main uses of tube ice?

1. Tube ice machine in fishery seafood

Tube ice is hollow, hard and transparent, has a long storage period, is not easy to melt, and has good air permeability. It is one of the best ice types for fishery and seafood preservation. Tube ice without water chestnut will not harm the refrigerated goods, and is hollow and ventilated, which can guarantee the quality of seafood, and it will last longer than flake ice machines.


2. Tube ice machine in commercial cold drinks

In bars, hotels, cold drinks shops, KTV and other places. The addition of tube ice to cold drinks is very popular, especially in tropical Southeast Asia, it is one of the ways for people to cool off.


3. The tube ice machine is also one of the types of ice factory wholesale and retail ice. Because of its beautiful appearance and melting, it is especially suitable for packaging and retail wholesale to hotels, supermarkets, cold drinks shops, etc., where ice is needed.

In addition, tube ice machines have special applications in pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories.


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