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company news about Install an Air Blast Freezer and Get Solution for Your Products

China Guangzhou Icesource Refrigeration Equipment Co., LTD certification
China Guangzhou Icesource Refrigeration Equipment Co., LTD certification
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Your service good, and we contact for a long, your cube ice machine reliable -- Mentor, Kosovo

—— Mentor from Kosovo

Because CBFI block ice machine, cube ice machine, cold room quality good. so i choose your company

—— Haitham from Saudi Arabia

Emily - I hope you are healthy and happy. I am glad to receive all cold room containers and it looks very good like we expected. Thanks Rusty.

—— Rusty Brown from CA , USA

the ice block ice machine is operating well thanks

—— Ismaila Silue

let me inform you, that both CS's are assembled and our grantee is very satisfied! thanks for good cooperation!

—— Malkhaz Bregadze

we are very happy with the quality of the work done by CBFI for manufacture and installation of Freezer and cooler rooms in our facility in Chicago

—— Soni

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Company News
Install an Air Blast Freezer and Get Solution for Your Products
Latest company news about Install an Air Blast Freezer and Get Solution for Your Products

An air blast freezer is a very distinct and special appliance. We often hear a food talk about these freezers, but have you ever wondered what this freezer is and where it is installed, why do we need this freezer and how effective it is? These freezers are referred to as shock freezers because they are very cold. They are installed to provide solutions for cold rooms, thereby reducing the temperature of the food items, resulting in a significant reduction in metabolism.


These air blast freezers are often used in the food and beverage industry and are usually used to store vegetables, fish, ready-to-cook and ice cream. There are also many commercial kitchens that contain these freezers for refrigerated storage. Most of these freezers contain a built-in blower fan that releases cold air in all freezer products. This is the cause of the cold which occurs immediately. These freezers vary in functionality and design, and some have excellent capacity due to panels or trays. It allows people of the industry to easily place food products in different compartments.

CBFI-Install An Air Blast Freezer And Get Solution For Your Products

In addition to these powerful features and advantages, these freezers have unique features such as safety, health benefits, keeping better taste of food. The main purpose of this freeze is to significantly reduce the growth of bacteria, which ultimately reduces the risk of contamination of food products. Thanks to it, food consumption is safer. These freezers are now widely used in industrial refrigeration solutions and are extremely useful in food processing. To meet the needs and requirements of different users, manufacturers produce two different types for domestic and commercial use.


If you're looking for the best air blast freezer design, you need to look for durability, innovation, environmental efficiency, functionality and transparent and easy to use options for using refrigeration equipment. A very good tip for business owners who want to buy the best air blast freezing system is choosing a device that has low maintenance costs.


You have to consider the excessive energy efficiency, high quality and energy-saving walking, which can help you store your meals and provide food at a lower cost. Your company's overall success in catering depends on the right choice of restaurant equipment. They must be well designed to give great real value.


Before choosing the best air blast freezer design, think about what you are looking for, what you intend to store in your freezer, the number of shelves you need to fit all your products comfortably, and the amount of freezer space you need to meet your needs. Consider the types of air freezers so you can choose the best air blast freezer design


Considering the variety of items that your business is delivering, the kind of cooler plan that you will require for your business will all rely upon which sort of cooler will solidify your items in a quick and proficient rate.


If the items you need to freeze are moderately little or are all in a similar size, and you are arranging continual freezing for a significant lot of time, at that point, all things considered, tunnel freezer is highly recommended.


If space isn't an issue, at that point spiral freezer is the best choice for you as it has a moderately simple to utilize plan, straight forward establishment, and the most straightforward, to familiarize freezing to any items at a persistent rate.


If you are searching for an air blast freezer with greater flexibility as far as where you can place the fridge and you need to freeze many food items, at that point spiral freezer options is the best for your business.


When starting a new business and simply need to begin production and you don't have a particular number of items being made in the same way as other new entrepreneurs do, and merely need to make a point to have the capacity to streak freeze items and ensure that the items that you freezing keep up their unique freshness, taste, and character even after freezing, at that point slim blast freezer models which are compact are highly recommended


Whatever your needs are large or small, there is a unit that can meet these needs. To store food that is safe from bacteria, fresher longer, maintaining its quality air blast freezer is the only way to go. In conjunction with other tools, such as vacuum sealer, you can ensure that you will get tremendous results.

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