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company news about Know about Medicine Cold Storage, Constant Temperature Cold Room, Cold Room and Freezer

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China Guangzhou Icesource Refrigeration Equipment Co., LTD certification
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Company News
Know about Medicine Cold Storage, Constant Temperature Cold Room, Cold Room and Freezer
Latest company news about Know about Medicine Cold Storage, Constant Temperature Cold Room, Cold Room and Freezer

Know about medicine cold storage, constant temperature cold storage, cold storage and freezer

1. Medical cold storage room

The medical cold storage mainly stores various medical products that cannot be preserved under normal temperature conditions. Under low-temperature refrigeration conditions, the medicines will not deteriorate and become invalid, and the shelf life of the medicines will be extended. The storage temperature is generally -5℃~+8℃. The refrigeration control system adopts automatic microcomputer electrical control technology, intelligent computer temperature control, high-precision temperature sensor; the temperature in the library can be set freely within the range of +10℃~20℃; automatic temperature constant temperature, automatic switch machine, no manual operation, Digital temperature display to ensure safe storage of items in the library.

temperature range:

Vaccine library: 0℃~8℃ can be used to store vaccines, medicines, etc.

Medicine library: 2℃~8℃ for storing medicines and biological products, etc.

Blood storage: 5℃~1℃ can be used to store blood, pharmaceutical and biological products, etc.

Low temperature insulation warehouse: -20℃~-30℃ to store plasma, biological materials, vaccines, reagents, etc.

Ultra-low temperature storage: -30°C~-80°C can be used to store placenta, semen, stem cells, plasma, bone marrow, biological samples, etc. To


2. Constant temperature cold storage room

To put it simply, the cold storage needs to meet the requirements for storage of items to achieve a certain range of temperature, and the constant temperature storage must be maintained at that temperature after the temperature reaches the requirements of the item, that is to say, the temperature requirements are relatively high, and the temperature fluctuation is controlled at plus or minus one degree between.

There are two ways to distinguish between cold storage and constant temperature storage:  

The cold storage is just a simple cold storage, if the indoor temperature rises, you can turn on the machine to cool down; this way it will always be kept at 0 degrees. But in addition to the general cooling function, the constant temperature library also needs to prepare the heat function, because the temperature is high for cooling, and the temperature is low for heating, so that the temperature is in a constant temperature state, but its accuracy can be slightly higher, and it is not absolute. of. 

The temperature of cold storage is generally below 0℃: common ones are 0℃, -18℃, -28℃ and so on. But there are exceptions, sometimes when it is higher than 0℃, but it is generally not too high; this is a way, the constant temperature library is generally above 5℃, in the ten degrees or twenty degrees. Generally, it is mostly because it has a constant temperature, unlike cold storage, which is generally 0 degrees or below.

3. Cold storage room

Use cooling facilities to create a warehouse with suitable humidity and low temperature conditions. Also known as cold storage. It is a place where products are processed and stored. It can get rid of the influence of climate and extend the storage period of various products to adjust market supply.

The temperature of the refrigerator is generally -15℃~-18℃. Generally, the food is gradually put into the cold storage from time to time. After a period of time, the temperature of the cold storage reaches -18℃, and the pick-up is also irregular and irregular. There is no specific requirement for this "period", which is a typical cold storage.

For example, meat and aquatic products have higher requirements for storage temperature to keep the internals from deteriorating. And in the process of selling, they should be taken out and stored irregularly. Generally, the cold storage in large supermarkets is the cold storage.

4. Freezer room

The storage temperature of the cold storage is generally -22~-25. It uses various refrigeration equipment, that is, artificial refrigeration, to keep the room at a certain low temperature. Many foods such as ice cream, seafood, etc. need to be stored at -25°C in order to not deteriorate. For example, if ice cream does not reach -25°C when stored, its fragrance will be lost, and the umami taste and taste of seafood will be much worse. .

Features of the freezer warehouse:

Gradually put the food in the cold storage from time to time. After a period of time, the temperature of the cold storage reaches -25℃. There are no special cold storage design process and technical requirements for this period. There are strict requirements on the storage temperature of this cold storage. Between -22°C and -25°C, this is a typical low-temperature storage. Compared with the fresh-keeping warehouse, the frozen storage has a very different mechanism of action. Too low temperature will cause the death of foods such as meat and seafood, and the freshness will be greatly affected. Therefore, for the storage of fruits, vegetables and meat, It is not that the lower the temperature, the better.

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5. Air conditioning warehouse

The controlled atmosphere storage is developed on the basis of the fruit and vegetable cold storage. On the one hand, it has many similarities with the fruit and vegetable cold storage. The controlled atmosphere storage increases the gas composition adjustment by adjusting the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, oxygen concentration and ethylene concentration in the storage environment. Condition control, inhibits the respiration of fruits and vegetables, delays their metabolic process, better maintains the freshness and commercial properties of fruits and vegetables, and prolongs the storage period and preservation period of fruits and vegetables. Generally, controlled atmosphere storage can extend the storage period by 0.5-1 times compared with ordinary cold storage.

Equipment composition of air conditioning warehouse:

Refrigeration equipment

Humidification equipment in the warehouse.

Defrosting and cooling water equipment for refrigeration units in the warehouse. To

Electrical control equipment. To

Air conditioning equipment (nitrogen generator, carbon dioxide remover, ethylene remover, sulfur dioxide generator, etc.). To

Other equipment (accessory equipment such as air conditioning warehouse doors, observation window safety devices, air storage bags, etc.). To

6. Fresh-keeping warehouse

The storage temperature of the fresh-keeping warehouse is generally 0℃~5℃, which is mainly used to keep fresh, that is, to maintain the original quality and freshness of agricultural products for a long period of time. The living products of agricultural products should not die as much as possible. Cells are in the process of cold storage In a dormant state, it reduces nutrient loss and maintains the quality of freshness.

This is generally applied to fruits and vegetables. The fruit and vegetable industry nowadays is intensively planted. In the process of transportation and sale, it is inevitable to use cold storage to maintain the nutrients that fruits and vegetables should have.

7. Explosion-proof cold storage room

Explosion-proof cold storage is a special type of cold storage that is suitable for storing refrigeration equipment with explosive potential. It has explosion-proof performance. The explosion-proof cold storage needs to be built below the external level of the ground. Generally speaking, dangerous goods can be stored, such as chemical products, scientific research materials, alcohol, etc. It has good explosion-proof equipment and explosion-proof technology, good explosion-proof performance, good safety, strong maintainability, and flexible configuration. Explosion-proof cold storage requires strict design, precision, safety, etc., and the explosion-proof mark is IICT4 explosion-proof grade, which can be directly used in dangerous places with explosive gases for storage and transportation of dangerous goods.

In addition to the requirements of fireproof and explosion-proof cold storage for more than 3 hours and equivalent to the thermal insulation coefficient of polyurethane insulation material, the warehouse board must also have certain structural functions, that is to say, the insulation core material of the warehouse board itself must have thermal insulation. , Fire resistance, structure and its own structure to support the function of the library body. So as to ensure that the strength of the library body itself remains unchanged when an accident occurs. The library board must have the function of the cold storage board and the function of a firewall. To

Relatively constant temperature ordinary cold storage can reach a certain temperature range, and the temperature of the explosion-proof cold storage must be based on the storage temperature requirements of the product, and the storage temperature must unconditionally meet the storage temperature requirements of the item, that is, the storage temperature of the explosion-proof storage temperature Relatively stable, even if the cold storage is defrosting during the evaporation period, the temperature fluctuation of the cold storage must be relatively stable when a large number of cold storage is imported and shipped.

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