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company news about Not missing every link, not missing every function

China Guangzhou Icesource Refrigeration Equipment Co., LTD certification
China Guangzhou Icesource Refrigeration Equipment Co., LTD certification
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Your service good, and we contact for a long, your cube ice machine reliable -- Mentor, Kosovo

—— Mentor from Kosovo

Because CBFI block ice machine, cube ice machine, cold room quality good. so i choose your company

—— Haitham from Saudi Arabia

Emily - I hope you are healthy and happy. I am glad to receive all cold room containers and it looks very good like we expected. Thanks Rusty.

—— Rusty Brown from CA , USA

the ice block ice machine is operating well thanks

—— Ismaila Silue

let me inform you, that both CS's are assembled and our grantee is very satisfied! thanks for good cooperation!

—— Malkhaz Bregadze

we are very happy with the quality of the work done by CBFI for manufacture and installation of Freezer and cooler rooms in our facility in Chicago

—— Soni

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Company News
Not missing every link, not missing every function
Latest company news about Not missing every link, not missing every function

 Product quality is the lifeline of enterprises, especially for manufacturing enterprises. Only by focusing on improving product quality and making quality management the key to enterprise management, can we not disappoint the trust of customers and stand firm in market competition.

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                                                CBFI 20000 square meter production base


For the ice making industry, if the equipment quality is not up to standard, the customer will be the first to suffer.

Ice machines and cold storage are relatively large equipment. When the equipment arrives at the customer's site and the customer starts using it, quality problems such as damage, poor operation, poor ice production, and substandard production are found, requiring rework or repair. This not only consumes customer time and energy, but also affects the original production plan, misses the best market opportunity, and directly affects revenue.

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Secondly, low-quality equipment may also affect production safety during operation and operation! Safety is no small matter! If the refrigerant leakage problem is not detected, a fire or explosion may occur in the event of an open flame, directly causing serious safety accidents!


Finally, inferior equipment can also have an impact on a company's brand reputation, causing customers to no longer trust the company. In the long run, it has been difficult for the company to establish itself.


Moreover, the influx of defective products into the market, although gaining temporary benefits through low prices, also disrupts market rules, lowers market standards, and creates market turbulence.


As a company that has been working in the refrigeration industry for decades, CBFI is well aware of the importance of product quality for customer delivery and its own development. Therefore, a scientific and meticulous quality management system, methods, and processes, as well as a comprehensive quality control department structure, are the most important production processes to ensure the delivery of products before leaving the factory. They are also important links to ensure the interests of customers and the reputation of CBFI itself. They are also quality assurance to ensure that qualified products enter the market circulation field.

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                                                                       On site quality inspection


Not missing every link, not missing every function "is the quality commitment of CBFI Quality Control Department to customers. Emphasize that product quality is manufactured, not inspected; Quality is preventive, not corrective.


This department focuses on product quality control, including the development of quality policies and objectives, as well as quality planning, quality control, quality assurance, and quality improvement, to ensure that each equipment fully complies with its factory standards and ISO9001 quality management system before leaving the factory.


CBFI Quality Management System

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CBFI Refrigeration has a sound quality control department configuration, which is divided into three major departments: Quality Assurance Department (QA), Quality Engineering Department (QE), and Quality Control Department (QC).

The quality management of the three major departments runs through all projects and factory equipment of CBFI.


Quality Assurance Department QA
The Quality Assurance Department (QA) ensures the quality of manufactured products from all aspects of the quality system, sets up personnel responsible for the quality system, formulates a quality system that conforms to the operation of CBFI, promotes and supervises in daily work, and ensures the implementation of various quality regulations and systems.


It plays an important role in improving the quality of ice spring products and enterprises. As the organizer and implementer of internal audits, it plays an important role in promoting the implementation of systematic and standardized quality activities in enterprises.


Quality Engineering Department QE
The Quality Engineering Department (QE) is the most important part of quality technology and plays a crucial role in product quality.

The QE department has DQE (Design Quality Engineer), SQE (Supplier Quality Engineering), and PQE (Manufacturing Quality Engineering).

During the ice maker and project design stages, DQE collaborates with designers to review the design quality and reliability of products, design output technical documents, drawings, etc., playing an important role in the formation of final product quality.


SQE ensures the quality of products purchased from suppliers. From pushing the supplier's quality system to ensure continuous and rapid production of qualified products, to confirming the supplier's process control measures, sample certification, establishing acceptance standards for both parties, and promoting corrective and preventive measures for suppliers from discovered quality issues to improving their process capabilities.


PQE is the technical department responsible for internal quality improvement in CBFI. Responsible for setting intelligent and scientific inspection methods, conducting type experiments and physical and chemical inspections of batch products, setting appropriate inspection fixtures and specifications, reviewing and confirming the production process, ensuring that personnel, equipment, materials, operating methods, specifications, and environment meet the set requirements, playing a crucial role.


Quality Control Department QC
The Quality Control Department (QC) has IQC (Incoming Inspection), PQC (Manufacturing Inspection), and FQC (Finished Product Inspection).

IQC is responsible for confirming and auditing the quality of purchased raw materials, components, or products, and is the first level of quality control before production. If unqualified products are placed in the manufacturing process, it can lead to unqualified processes or final products, causing huge losses and directly affecting the final quality of the product.

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                                 CBFI Incoming Material Inspection Process Document


PQC is responsible for quality control of the production process. One is to confirm the first product of each batch when opening or replacing products, and provide the production department with production standards. The first inspection has notification and prevention functions; Secondly, the inspection requirements for online products should be controlled according to the requirements of the first sample, and incoming inspection should be conducted before pulling to confirm the correctness of the raw materials for the products that are about to be produced.

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                CBFI Production Process Inspection Document


FQC is responsible for the shipment inspection of finished products. Before leaving the factory, the quality inspector shall conduct quality inspection according to the "Ice Spring Finished Product Inspection Process" and fill in the corresponding inspection records on the "Finished Product Inspection Record Form". After the inspection is completed, if it is determined to be qualified, a QCPASS seal will be affixed and the delivery team will be notified to pack and store it.

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               CBFI Finished Product Inspection Process Document


CBFI Quality Inspection not only has a comprehensive internal management system, but also runs through the entire delivery process.

Control the selection and purchase of incoming materials, and conduct on-site verification of the production capacity and quality assurance of incoming manufacturers. To ensure that purchased raw materials and components meet the requirements of incoming inspection standards.


The methods of self inspection, group re inspection, and QC verification during the manufacturing process ensure that the quality of each process is qualified.


Upon delivery of the finished product, a full inspection shall be conducted to ensure that the appearance, performance, and dimensions of the product are qualified before shipment.


Every device in our company undergoes ice release testing before leaving the factory to ensure that the performance and output of each device meet the requirements. And, from the procurement of parts to the assembly process, records will be kept to achieve true traceability.


CBFI Refrigeration is a responsible and courageous enterprise. Through a comprehensive and rigorous quality inspection system and process, strict inspections are carried out layer by layer, and qualified and high-quality products have been delivered to customers in over 170 countries and regions worldwide.


CBFI Quality, Consistent!


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