Pan-Asian Cold Chain Large Cold Storage

October 22, 2021

This case has a storage capacity of 70,000 tons, including 40,000 tons of low-temperature freezer storage, 20,000 tons of fresh-keeping cold storage, 10,000 tons of constant-temperature fresh-keeping storage, and 10,000 square meters of dry goods storage; equipped with a 5,000-square-meter closed platform with two-way temperature control between north and south , More than 60 loading and unloading platforms, 14 imported fast freight elevators, 4 fast elevators, fast loading and unloading, fast speed, to provide customers with fast cargo in and out of warehouse services.


The WMS intelligent system of the warehouse management system in the park can also be circulated with the market in the future to achieve full visibility and control.


The park provides personalized services for customers. No. 2 warehouse in the park is specially tailored for customers with a constant temperature distribution room. The fruit packaging workshop stores and distributes sorting packages for customers, one for delivery and one for reporting.





First floor cold room


First floor cold room


Refrigeration units


Control room


Control room


Second floor cold room