Related Process Characteristics of China Ice Block Machine

August 3, 2021

Today, let's know the related process characteristics of ice block machine

1、Evaluate the process quality of each part


After receiving the ice block machine, the mission of the first battlefield is to evaluate the process quality of its various parts. This is the basic condition for the device to show more solid functions and safety in the future, and the quality of the details can be Very good evaluation of the ice block machine brand's strength and professional ability in quality control.


2、pack up its relevant parameter data


Next, it is necessary to understand the relevant parameter data of each part of the ice block machine and prepare it. This is on the one hand to understand the specific performance characteristics of the device, and on the other hand for better use in the future. It is also the key to maintaining standards in maintenance.


3、Trial operation is reflected in the function of observation


Of course, the next key point is to try the related functions of the ice block machine with the support of professional-level personnel. Specifically, it is the experienced skilled personnel to power on the device and perform the trial work according to the standard, from its operational role And the stability quality reflected can draw a comprehensive and reliable conclusion.


The scientific inspection of the ice block machine equipment is more reasonable and better to use it to complete the relevant high-quality conditions. In simple terms, its three main points include the evaluation of the details of the process and skills of the equipment, and the quality of the equipment. A comprehensive understanding of the relevant parameter data obtained and a good evaluation, followed by a standardized test operation of the ice block machine equipment is also a useful method to evaluate the level of its performance.



Let's know CBFI® Brand ice block machine development history.

In 2010, CBFI® Launched a 100-ton 24 hours large-scale fluorine system ice block machine, which was successfully operated in Malaysia and was the first in the world. The brine type ice block machine has 1-100tons daily capacity.

In 2011, Introduced the first generation of automatic type direct cooling block ice machine.