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company news about Tips to Consider Before Selecting Water Chillers

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Company News
Tips to Consider Before Selecting Water Chillers
Latest company news about Tips to Consider Before Selecting Water Chillers

The heat is a common by-product of the current manufacturing machines which among them are automated technology which is highly required for high precision and speed. There are components like variable frequency drive, x-ray, laser, and spindle motors all need cooling for reliable and proper operation especially in the adverse manufacturing environments. Having a premium manufacturing space, there are even smaller machine packages which led to liquid cooling is the most economical and efficient means you can use to remove process heat.


There is a machine for liquid cooling like the water chillers which are produced by water chiller manufacturers, and they well adapt in hot and dry environments where they provide heat removing method form the machines. However, the water chiller manufacturers produce various water chilling machines, and before you select one, there are some considerations you have to put in place to be sure that the machine you select will satisfy all your needs.


Tips to Consider When Buying Water Chiller


Initial Cost:

You need to consider the initial cost of every water chiller. You should not buy what is beyond your budget because when the day ends, you will need to maintain your budget. However, when selecting a water chiller, you can look at their features that are distinguishable from the others and compare with their prices. In our case, the portable chiller may be a bit expensive than a central chiller, but again, it can not be adjusted with future updates for future use. You will realize that in the long run, the portable chiller is very expensive since you will need to spend excess money in the future to have an efficient cooling system that will satisfy your requirements. The installation costs of various water chillers are also different due to specific plant layout, the equipment type selected, and the amount of work internally done.


Floor Space

Floor space is at its premium in many plants. As for portable chillers, they are situated just next to the production floor process, and the space is very valuable which could have been used to store the primary equipment. As for central chillers, they are mostly located at the outdoor or in the equipment room. Select the machine that is selected at the most convenient place for you.


Level of Noise

Noise levels are very high in some water-cooled machines or air-cooled produced by water chiller manufacturers and such noise may affect the operators. When you remove cooling equipment from that production floor, you will be substantially reducing the noise level. Noise level is different in terms of the components that each machine use like pump motors, compressors, and fan.


Operating Cost

You need to select a water chiller that has the largest cooling requirement which might be required by the machine which is cooling. Some chillers have specific sizes like portable chillers which may be over-sized for your applications. Hence it will be more costly when you operate. Other chillers like central chillers can provide less capacity with the reduced energy cost, and it makes them very efficient with the reduced loads. Some outstanding chillers have scroll compressors which can save up to 30% of energy.


Processing Performance

To have optimal processing, there should be proper pressure and workflow. Consider the critical stability and temperature control in your process. There are water chillers that are the best when neither temperature stability nor provided water temperature is the main concern, and they may provide the same temperature in all processes. If there is system imbalance, one process might be using excess water as the other process lacks water so the system must be well balanced. If your environment has a stable and accurate temperature, then the portable water chiller will be your best solution.


Consider the Maintenance

You should always be concern about machine maintenance. There are machines that in case a part breaks, the whole of it is completely ruined unless you get the machine of the same sort to maintain the other one. As for central machines, they have standby pumps which enable quick switch if there might be a failure. The chiller may be over-sized due to the extra standby compressor. Whichever the machine you buy, you should maintain it after a minimum of six months period. You should consider the maintenance cost and compare it with the initial purchasing cost. Consider equipment which has some reliability and history from the water chiller manufacturers who offer quick response services.


Consider Your Heat Load

Identify your application heat load so you can be sure the chiller machine you select perfectly suits your intended needs. Heat loads can be determined using various ways, but it is great to understand first the process of calculating the exact heat load.


Identify the Flow Rate, Temperature, and Coolant Type

Always know everything concerning the machine you want to buy like the type of that coolant, its flow rate, with the temperature at which it bests work. Determining all these is to consider methods that are used in transferring the heat towards the coolant from the process and the exact coolant that is used.


Consider the Chiller Performance Curves

You should select a water chiller model which perfectly suits your required capacity in terms of the temperature in the chilled water supply as well as the highest ambient temperature that is expected. Consider with the safety application margin in regards to the frame sizes available so they can maximize the chiller selection value.


Confirm the Curves in Pump Performance

You need to inquire from the water chiller manufacturers about the performance curves of the pump then you ensure that the pressure provided by the pump should be enough with the flow rate that is designed to meet your requirements. There are liquid coolant systems that have long distances or small flow paths for a coolant which may lead to higher pressure losses.


Consider Other Selections

After having considered all the above tips, you need to finally put your consideration on the non-mentioned tips like power features, footprints, control options, color, and the agency listing. When you chose the best water chiller with such features well considered, it will offer you reliable, easy services.


After having considered all the tips above, it is evident that you will get your water chiller from our water chiller manufacturers that will serve you for the long period as it offers you the best of the services you demand.

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