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company news about To Solve The Problem Of Refrigeration Compressors, Start From Understanding, 11 Common Problems Are Analyzed

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China Guangzhou Icesource Refrigeration Equipment Co., LTD certification
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Company News
To Solve The Problem Of Refrigeration Compressors, Start From Understanding, 11 Common Problems Are Analyzed
Latest company news about To Solve The Problem Of Refrigeration Compressors, Start From Understanding, 11 Common Problems Are Analyzed

1. Why should we control the impurity content and moisture content of the compressor and air conditioning system?
Moisture in compressors and air conditioning systems can have several adverse effects:
The capillary tube and expansion valve will produce ice blockage, and the evaporator cooling pipe will also freeze;
Metal materials are corroded, forming deposits;
The valve core is corroded and closed poorly;
The surface of the compressor body parts produces the phenomenon of "copper plating";
Accelerate the deterioration of materials such as insulating materials, refrigerants, and refrigeration oils.
2. What is the impact of low voltage on the air conditioning system?
If the voltage is too low, much lower than the specified voltage range of the compressor, because the locked-rotor current value is likely to not reach the operating current specification of the protector, the protector will not be able to act in time, and the compressor motor will overheat or even burn.
3. What is the function and principle of the protector of the compressor?
The function of the compressor protector is mainly to protect the compressor from accidents such as motor burning when the compressor is in an abnormal situation. The internal heating wire of the protector and the internal resistance of the bimetal sheet make the bimetal sheet act through the joint action of current heating and external conduction heat, thereby cutting off the circuit and protecting the compressor from damage.
4. How to make basic judgment and treatment after compressor failure?
Unable to start, no suction and exhaust pressure: first check the compressor wiring, pipeline connection, and check the basic items such as the impedance of the main and auxiliary coils, and the insulation withstand pressure of the compressor. If everything is normal, it is recommended to remove the compressor for idling to detect whether there is suction and exhaust gas.
The suction and exhaust method is: when the compressor is running, press your finger against the exhaust port for a few seconds, and then let go to observe whether there is gas ejection, and it is normal for a small amount of oil to be ejected. If there is suction and exhaust air and the discharge pressure is large, it means that the compressor can work normally, otherwise the compressor is not normal.
5. Why is it forbidden for liquid refrigerant to flow back into the suction chamber of the compressor?
If the liquid refrigerant directly enters the suction chamber of the compressor, the volume of the compressor becomes smaller and smaller during the rotation of the crankshaft, and the pressure rises sharply, resulting in abnormal force or even damage to the pump body parts and valve plates. Liquid shock can also cause abnormal vibration and noise in the compressor.
In addition, after the liquid refrigerant enters the cylinder, it will "wash" the lubricating oil on the surface of the piston, blades and other parts, resulting in a situation equivalent to "oil shortage operation", abnormal wear and even the compressor shaft.
6. Why should the refrigerant recovery time of the air conditioner not be too long?
The operation room of the air conditioner for refrigerant recovery should not be too long. Because after the refrigerant recovery time is too long, the exhaust temperature will be very high due to the extremely thin refrigerant gas inhaled, resulting in a rapid rise in the temperature of the pump body parts of the compressor. The high temperature makes the expansion degree of each part vary too much, causing the fitting gap of some parts to become smaller or even disappear, and eventually produce abnormal scratches or wear.
7. What is the impact of the wrong compressor connection, and why can't the protector protect it?
The wrong wire of the compressor will make it unable to work normally, and according to different wiring error methods, there will be stalled rotors, reversals, stops after starting, etc., and may lead to the direct burning of the compressor motor.
Because the protector of the compressor is selected according to the working characteristics of the protector under abnormal working conditions when the compressor is correctly wired, it cannot be ensured that the compressor is protected when it is connected to the wrong line. In the case of miswiring, it is difficult to protect the motor by means of an protector.
8. Do I need to adjust the system for the same system and change the compressor from different manufacturers?
Due to the different performance characteristics of compressors produced by different companies, for a specific compressor, the best performance will only be shown under specific conditions such as refrigerant flow, suction and discharge pressure, temperature, etc.
Therefore, in the same air conditioning system, it is best to adjust the system separately when using different compressors to ensure that the compressor used works normally under the appropriate refrigerant flow, suction and exhaust pressure and temperature conditions, so as to effectively extend the service life of the compressor and achieve the best use effect.
9. Why is there a requirement for the temperature of the compressor motor coil during operation?
The insulation grade (insulation class: A (105 °C), E (120 °C), B (130 °C), F (155 °C), H (175 °C)) and heat resistance characteristics of the insulating material used in the compressor motor are determined. For motor enameled wire, too high temperature will lead to a decrease in the amount of cocoon, a decrease in friction resistance, easy peeling, a decrease in insulation damage voltage and insulation impedance, etc., thus greatly reducing the service life.
In addition, too high the temperature of the motor can cause excessive dissolution of polymers in the insulating material, which will precipitate and accumulate somewhere in the system or at the exhaust port of the compressor, thus affecting the performance of the compressor and the system. In addition, high coil temperatures can reduce the efficiency of the compressor motor.
10. Why can I start again after stopping for at least 3 minutes after the compression is turned off?
When the compressor starts, there will be more refrigeration oil with the refrigerant circulation into the air conditioner system, if there is not enough running time, then the refrigeration oil will not be able to return to the compressor cavity in time, and the shutdown soon after often starting will lead to the low oil level inside the compressor, and it is easy to cause the poor lubrication of the mechanical moving parts of the compressor. In addition, the downtime of more than 3 minutes is mainly to give the system enough pressure equalization time, otherwise the compressor will not start properly due to the presence of high and low pressures.
11. Why can't the compressor run in "vacuum conditions"?
The so-called "vacuum condition" is not an absolute vacuum state, but a state of extremely low air pressure, in which gas molecules are ionized at extremely low pressures.
According to the actual experimental results, the breakdown voltage of the compressor terminal is the lowest at the internal pressure of the compressor at about 3.5mmHg, and the breakdown and internal carbon deposition phenomenon are easy to occur when energized, which damages the insulation of the sealing terminal post, and causes the sealing terminal to burn and fly out during the operation of the compressor. Therefore, energizing the compressor in a vacuumed state should be avoided.

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