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company news about Using technology to Unlock New Ideas for Fresh Cold Chain

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China Guangzhou Icesource Refrigeration Equipment Co., LTD certification
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Company News
Using technology to Unlock New Ideas for Fresh Cold Chain

With the improvement of people's living standards, fresh food has become a high-demand product, and the epidemic catalysis has increased the exposure rate of fresh food and increased the user's dependence on fresh food. Now let's use technology to Unlock New Ideas for Fresh Cold Chain.

  1、Multifunctional refrigerated truck-Zhixian truck, let cold chain fresh "go out"

  Cold chain transport trucks play a vital role in the transportation of fresh cold chains, but traditional refrigerated container transport trucks only use extensive temperature control technology, and it is difficult to achieve precision preservation for some fresh foods with relatively high temperature requirements.

Some time ago, the smart multi-functional refrigerated truck released by Xidi Zhijia Co., Ltd., Zhixiancang, applied four major technologies such as intelligent atmosphere adjustment, full warehouse negative pressure, precise temperature control, and cloud monitoring to deal with the current cold chain transportation. The industry's pain points in the market. (Source: Logistics Salon)

  Intelligent atmosphere control technology is the largest black technology used by Zhixiancang. It can accurately control the temperature at plus or minus 1 degree, making the average transportation loss rate of fresh fruits and vegetables less than 5%.

   In addition, the on-board cloud monitoring technology can be applied to traditional refrigerated container transport vehicles, using GPS for remote monitoring, which is conducive to the rational allocation of resources, timely adjustment of sales strategies, optimization of source distribution, and improvement of vehicle transportation efficiency.


  2、Fresh cold chain parcel smart express cabinet, intelligent freshness throughout the year

  Estonian post technology company Cleveron recently invented a unique 24-hour intelligent parcel storage cabinet that can store refrigerated and frozen food, providing a solution to the distribution problem of the last kilometer of the fresh cold chain.

   This is a robot-based terminal for parcels, which is specially installed outdoors near consumers, such as communities, supermarkets, parking lots, and commercial districts.

   There are two temperature zones in the cabinet. The internal temperature of the refrigerated zone can be adjusted. The set point is between +2°C and -25°C. Fresh food can be placed in the same or different temperature zones. (Reference: LogTV)

   This kind of intelligent express cabinet has a higher content than traditional intelligent express technology, can control and adjust the temperature, and is suitable for the refrigeration and freezing of fresh food, making the delivery of fresh cold chain goods more efficient.


   3、RFID technology traceability system brings new opportunities for cold chain

The application of RFID technology in fresh cold chain technology can be said to be a matter of course. The rise of fresh cold chain has prompted entrepreneurs to change the cold chain technology. The development and application of RFID technology to the cold chain logistics of fresh food Operation provides opportunities.

  At the retrospective level, RFID technology electronic tags can be affixed to fresh food, and the relevant data of the fresh product can be obtained through big data to help customers view historical information and ensure food safety.

  In terms of workflow, RFID technology has the potential to improve the accuracy of inventory levels to avoid extravagance and waste of food ingredients. For example, a food factory can check the shelf life of the fresh product through RFID electronic tags so that it can be properly distributed.

  In terms of operating costs, applying it to the management of fresh food inventory can reduce the lapses in the manual service approval work. When to replenish and ship at a glance, it can ensure the safety factor of the quality of the stored goods, reduce management costs, and increase revenue.

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