What does CBFI ice machines include and their applictions

June 27, 2021

Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd. (trademark CBFI) manufacture large-scale edible ice-making equipment, large-scale industrial ice-making equipment, high-end commercial ice-making machines, complete ice-making systems and mid-to-high-end cold storage products. 24/7 Provided One-stand solutions for ice plant factory and cold storage projects.

CBFI ice machines can be divided into: cube ice machine, flake ice machine, tube ice machine, block ice machine, ball ice machine, pure ice machine, automatic ice packing machine etc.


Tube ice machine:

Tube ice machine have freon refrigerator and ammonia refrigerator ones. Our R&D technology of tube ice machine is very good. The ice machine can manufacture 1-100, even above 100 tons capacity ice tube per day. it is widely used in daily food, fruit and vegetable preservation, aquatic products preservation, etc.

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Block ice machine :

CBFI block ice machine dived into brine block ice machine and direct cooling block ice machine. The capacity is from 1-100tons. The block ices produced are large in size and have a small area of contact with the outside world and are not easy to melt. Can be damaged into various forms of ice cubes according to different requirements. It is suitable for ice sculpture, ice storage, sea transportation, and sea capture. After damage, it can be used in all places where ice is used. However, after the ice passes through the damage, it will partially melt and the ice volume will be lost.


Flake ice machine:

According to the difference of water source, it can be divided into fresh water flake ice machine and sea water flake ice machine. Generally, it is mainly an industrial ice machine. Flake ice is thin, dry and loose white ice, with a thickness ranging from 1.0 mm to 2.5 mm. The shape of the flake is irregular, with a diameter of about 12 to 45 mm. Flake ice has no sharp edges and corners, and will not hurt frozen objects. Can enter the gap between the objects to be cooled, reduce heat exchange, adhere to the temperature of ice, and have excellent moisturizing effect. Flake ice has a good cooling effect, has a large cooling capacity, and is sensitive. Therefore, it is mainly used in various large-scale refrigeration facilities, food freezing, concrete cooling, and so on.


Cube ice machine

CBFI mainly provide large capacity(above 1000kg/per day) cube ice machine. Tough many small cube ice machine supplier, their quality and after-sale service is worse. The cube ices are used in hotels, hotels, bars, banquet halls, western restaurants, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, and cold drink shops and so on. There are three standards size from CBFI: cube ice: 28 × 28 × 25mm, cube ice: 23 × 23 × 23mm, half cube: 28 × 25 × 13mm


The high-end commercial ice machines includes ball ice machine, pure ice machine and automatic ice packing machine. More business. Pls concern soon.