What's the matter with Ice Machine not making ice?

June 27, 2021

Why the ice maker does not make ice? there is 3 external reasons:


1. What should I do if the ice machine has bad heat dissipation?


Answer: Open the ice machine cover and observe whether the heat sink has dust affecting the wind flow or other foreign objects blocking the heat sink, and just remove it.


2. What should I do if the ice machine is out of water?


Answer: The water pump of the ice maker must be broken. Just fix it. The water pump should be cleaned regularly at 2 months. If it is well protected, it won't break easily.


3. What should I do if the ice making time has slowed down?


Answer: This is very simple, because the refrigerant of the ice machine is gone, just add the refrigerant.



Visceral core problem of ice machine not making ice.


1. What should I do if the compressor works intermittently without ice?


Answer: The voltage is too low, check the power supply, the contact point is not good, and turn on the system pressure protection.


2. How did the ice production decrease?


Answer: If the capillary or expansion valve of the ice machine is blocked, it will slow down! The water in the system is too high, there is a slight ice blockage, the condensation system is blocked, the refrigerant is insufficient or leaks, and the evaporator is too dirty. These are the reasons why the ice making mechanism is slow, and it is good to make the blocked place clear.


3. What should I do if the wet ice borneol is not hard?


Answer: If the water supply of the ice maker's water distribution tray is excessive and the refrigerant is added, the above phenomenon will occur due to insufficient voltage. Add the appropriate amount of water and refrigeration system and turn off the flushing voltage. This problem is relatively easy to solve.


4. What should I do if the machine is running but there is no ice?


Answer: There is no water in the drip tray, add water, and then the heart of the ice machine is blocked. Find a professional to repair this.


5. What should I do if the ice machine leaks?


Answer: Don't supply too much water to the water tray of the inlet valve. It is necessary to check the water pipe for damage. If the water pipe is broken, just replace it with a new water pipe. Check whether the water level float valve is faulty, and debug and repair it.


6. What should I do if the noise of the ice machine is too loud?


Answer: As the fan is used for a long time, it will wear out, and it will make a loud noise when it is aging. Just replace it with a new one.


7. What should I do if I report a system failure when the ice machine is turned on?


Answer: phase sequence problems, power supply system failures, control board failures, find related personnel and technical personnel to debug.